Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Try this concentrated fabric conditioner to soften clothes.

Updated 27 September 2023


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What is Concentrated Fabric Softener?

Most of us have memories of our mothers racing down to the washing machine while doing the laundry to pour in the fabric softener concentrate. These days, the washing machines are more accommodating, but the fabrics that our clothes are made of are just as demanding as they were at the beginning of the 1900s, when fabric softener was first invented.

We already know that concentrated fabric softener makes our clothes softer to the touch, reduces static cling, and even makes the clothes last longer by preventing friction between neighbouring threads in the cloth.

Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

But these days, we need more. We need to take care of our environment, not just our clothes. At the same time, we still need to be thrifty. That’s why Unilever South Africa developed a line of concentrated fabric conditioner called “Comfort.” The fabric conditioner concentrate is not only great for your clothes, it’s also good for the environment because the bottle is designed with recyclable ingredients. the designed to eliminate all the extra water.

Unilever puts more active softener ingredients into the package and less water. Because Comfort fabric conditioner is concentrated, this means less energy and minerals are used to make bigger packaging. Comfort packaging is smaller, saving energy and materials, which makes a big difference on the environment.

Comfort – The Best Concentrated Fabric Conditioner You Can Find

Comfort concentrated fabric softener will make you look forward to wash day – there is nothing like burying your face in a basket of clean shirts and sheets just out of the dryer or off the line. Comfort not only reduces static electricity and makes the fabric feel smooth against your skin, but it also adds the fresh fragrance of your choice to your clothes.

Comfort has seven fragrances to choose from. There is sure to be one that you love among these choices: Pure, Morning Fresh, Elegance, Uplifting, Heavenly Nectar, Divine Petals, and Lily.

Does Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Work As Well As High-Volume Conditioners?

Comfort is one of the best concentrated fabric conditioners you can get. When you use Comfort softener, you get the same fresh-smelling, soft clothes that you’ve always had with high-volume conditioners. Concentrates work just as well, and since they are highly concentrated, they are incredibly potent.

The washing machine supplies all the water needed to distribute the concentrated formula to every part of your wash load.

How To Use Concentrated Fabric Softener?

A fabric conditioner is an excellent addition to your laundry care routine. Comfort has a special concentrated formula, so there is no need to dilute it. One small capful is all you need to get the soft, clean-smelling clothes you expect. You can use the unique Comfort concentrated formula the same way you would use any other liquid softener.

If your washing machine has a liquid softener compartment that dispenses the softener when the final rinse cycle starts, just pour in a capful when you load your clothes and laundry soap and walk away.

If you add the softener manually, do it exactly as you have always done it, at the start of the rinse cycle. Just use our smaller bottle cap as a measuring cup, and you’ll get the right amount every time.

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