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How to Keep Bath Towels Soft and Fluffy

Think of the towels at your favourite hotel or guest house – they’re probably full, fluffy and completely soft to touch. What if we told you that you can create the exact same feeling on your towels at home and you don’t have to settle for towels that are as rough as sandpaper? We’d guess that you’d be pretty excited, right?


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How to Keep Bath Towels Soft and Fluffy

If not washed properly, towels can lose their softness and fluffiness over time. But, if they are washed with the right detergents in the right way, you can get your towels to be as soft as the ones you love at hotels.

Read our blog on how to wash towels and soften towels with fabric conditioner, as well as a few other at-home laundry tricks to keep them fluffy.

Why Do Towels Get Rough and Stiff?

The most common mistake people make is that they think by using more detergent, they’ll get a better clean. This is particularly wrong when it comes to how to wash towels. More is definitely not better when it comes to creating the perfect fluffiness on towels. Overcrowding the washing machine and washing on the wrong cycle can also contribute to towels losing their softness.

Top Tips for Washing Towels

Now that you know why your towels are getting so rough, read our top tips on how to keep towels fluffy;

  • Don’t overcrowd the washing machine by adding other clothing or garments in with a load of towels. Rather try and only wash a load of towels together and don’t overload the machine.

  • Add the correct amount of laundry detergent into the dispenser, don’t be tempted to add more.

  • Always use a fabric softener, like Comfort, which is actually formulated to prevent roughness.

  • Wash the towels on a hot cycle if possible.

  • Don’t always tumble dry your towels only. Tumble drying does make them nice and fluffy but it can also wear them down over time. We’d recommend hanging your towels on the line in the sun to dry partly, and then finishing them off in the tumble dryer to dry completely.

Benefits of Using Comfort Fabric Softener for Towels?

One of the key ingredients in keeping your bath towels in good condition is to use a good quality fabric conditioner. The Comfort range of fabric conditioners not only gives your towels a burst of endless fragrance but they actually care for the towels too. There are a few great benefits to using Comfort fabric conditioners on your towels;

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Comfort offers these great benefits, not only to towels but to the rest of your laundry too. So, if you’re wondering how to keep laundry soft too, then we definitely suggest using the Comfort range of fabric conditioners too.

For everything you need to know about the signature scent of Comfort and the products offered in the range, visit Comfort today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Keeping Bath Towels Soft and Fluffy.

How Do You Make Towels Soft and Fluffy Again?

Read our blog on how to make towels soft and fluffy, but the best ingredient is going to be Comfort fabric conditioner. Not only does Comfort help to soften your towels, but it cares for the fabric, stops static and leaves your towels beautifully scented.

Why are My Towels Stiff After Washing?

Towels often get stiff and rough from being incorrectly washed; if you use too much detergent, or not the right kind, as well as wash in cold water, then over time towels will wear.

What Is the Secret to Fluffy Towels?

Our top tips for getting fluffy towels are to use the correct detergent and Comfort fabric conditioner, wash in hot water, and alternate between drying on the line and tumble drying.

Should You Add Fabric Softener to Towels?

Absolutely, Comfort fabric conditioner is a must-use when washing your towels.

Does Vinegar Soften Towels?

Vinegar has been known to soften still or rough towels. We think you’ll be better off using Comfort fabric conditioner though.

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