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How to wash clothes for the whole family: washing tips for large loads

Having a large family can make doing the laundry a logistical nightmare. Discover how to do the washing on a larger scale with this handy guide!



When you’ve got a large family, the laundry can seem never-ending. As soon as one load of washing is done, there’ll be another one ready and waiting to go! So just how can you stay on top of the laundry when there’s so much of it? From advice on large capacity washing machines to chores for kids – read on for advice on how to wash clothes for the whole family.

Make a Family Chore Chart for Laundry Loads

The first step to dealing with huge amounts of laundry is to get organised. Instead of doing the washing on an ad hoc basis, make a family chore chart or washing schedule that sets out when and who is going to do the washing. Not only will this help you keep a schedule, but it will also encourage family members to wear items of clothing more than once instead of throwing everything in the wash straight away.

When it comes to sorting laundry, the more there is, the more chance there is of a red sock finding its way into a white load! To prevent this from happening, a good tip is to keep separate laundry baskets for colours and whites – this will make the whole process a lot quicker.

Regardless of how large the load, always wash with a good quality washing powder or liquid concentrate like Surf Superbright. It will leave clothes super clean and vibrant!

washing tips for large loads

Involve the Whole Family with Chores for Kids

If you struggle to keep on top of laundry, encourage the whole family to get involved by setting out specific chores for kids. For example, you could ask a little helper to fold clothes after they’ve been washed, or another to hang clothes up to dry. By designating small tasks to others, your load will start to feel a lot lighter!

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How to Wash Clothes for Large Families – What to Use?

If you’re not careful, putting too many clothes in the drum can leave you with dirty laundry. Large washing machines allow for a lot of movement, but with standard-sized appliances, a lack of space means that the washing powder won’t have the room to move around and clean the clothes properly. A solution to this problem could be to invest in a large capacity washing machine – one that is designed to do sizeable loads of washing in one go.

Whatever type of washing machine you use, another way to make the job as simple as possible is to use a high-quality liquid concentrate. A product like Surf Superbright detergent is ideal – it is specially formulated to leave clothes bright and enhance white, so you won’t have to worry about the kid's shirts coming out of the wash anything less than dazzlingly clean!

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