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Chore Chart for Kids by Age

Take control of the housework with this handy chore chart for kids by age.


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Why not take control of the housework with these handy chores for kids by age. You can also use this chore chart for kids as a helpful organising guide for getting the whole family involved in keeping the house clean for the rest of the year.

Get everyone on board by drawing up your chore list for kids together and letting children volunteer for the tasks they want to do. If they complete them throughout the year, they might be in for a real treat!

Chores for Kids by Age

Chores for Children Under 2-4

Chores for children who are very young will need assistance - but it’s never too early to show them how to take responsibility for a few household chores. Here are some simple chores for children that you can introduce to them. Make it fun by rewarding them with stickers each time they complete a chore!

Chores for Children Aged 5-8

At this age, you can begin introducing family chore chart ideas that require more independence. Recommended activities include:

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  • Folding and putting clothes away

  • Feeding the pets

  • Dusting surfaces

  • Watering plants

  • Putting clothes in the laundry basket

  • Helping make breakfast

Housework for Kids Aged 9-12

As well as all the previous chores for kids, children at this age can begin doing more complex tasks. Recommended activities include:

  • Helping to make dinner

  • Tidying rooms

  • Cleaning surfaces. Let them become little Handy Andy Heroes by allowing them to use the Multipurpose Surface Wipes and Handy Andy Kitchen Spray and Bathroom Spray to clean surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and even in their bedrooms for a quick hygienic clean.

  • Vacuuming the floor

  • Mopping floors

  • Washing the dishes

  • Clearing the dinner table

  • Caring for pet hygiene (cleaning cages, emptying litter trays)

  • Emptying the washing machine and hanging clothes

Chores for Teenagers

At this age, teenagers will be capable of doing most household chores without supervision. They can also help younger siblings with their tasks on the chore list for kids. Recommended activities include:

  • Walking the dog

  • Washing the dishes. Introduce them to Sunlight Extra Natural Dishwashing Liquid with its ingredients inspired by nature. It’s gentle on young hands buts still cuts through grease and grime.

  • Helping make the dinner

  • Mowing the lawn

  • Carrying and putting away groceries

  • Ironing clothes

  • Putting on the washing machine with the help of a delicate detergent, like OMO Auto Washing Powder or Auto Liquid Detergent

  • Emptying and loading the dishwasher

  • Organising and decluttering

When it comes to drawing up family chore chart ideas, it’s important to come up with age-appropriate chores. Getting the whole family involved in helping mom out with the household chores can be a wonderful way of showing gratitude while also bringing the whole family together.

  • Draw up a table with three columns for name, task and completion status.

  • Agree your chores for kids in advance of Mother’s Day so everyone is clear on what to do.

  • Have stickers for very young children and explain how they will get them.

  • Hang the chart in a visible and accessible area.

By enlisting the help of surface sprays and multipurpose wipes like those offered by Domestos and Handy Andy, you’ll enable your kids to get involved in chores with a lot more ease. The wipes are highly efficient at cleaning up germs and mess and are super easy to use.

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Safety Warning

Always choose chores for children that are appropriate to their age and avoid anything that involves harsh chemicals or sharp objects – no matter the age!


1. What chores are age appropriate?

Every age comes with a range of age-appropriate chores that kids can do that will help them learn responsibility, good habits and make them feel like they are making a difference in the home. Read out blog above to learn about what chores are appropriate for kids from toddlers to teenagers.

2. How many chores should a child have a day?

It’s important to take into account the child’s age as well as their school schedule when delegating their chores. Depending on age and their abilities, it’s important to give a child one to two chores per day.

3. At what age should a child clean up after themselves?

From 2 a child can start to learn to tidy up their toys by placing them into a toy box. From 12 and upwards a teenager can help with cleaning surfaces, making dinner, doing the washing and other larger chores.

4. How much time should a teen spend on chores?

Depending on their schedule of school work and extra murals, a teenager could by doing 15 – 20 minutes of chores per day which could include making supper, or cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

5. What should be on a chore chart?

Read our blog above for ideas of chores that you can add to your kids chore chart, by age.

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