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How To Care For Clothes With Skip Liquid Detergents

Find out how Skip liquid detergent cares for your clothes.


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How To Care For Clothes With Skip Liquid Detergents
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You might have noticed your favourite whites turning yellow and your jeans fading after a wash or two. Of course, this could be due to normal wear and tear from frequent use. But, what if your washing detergent could make your clothes look new for longer?

Most stain removers tend to weaken fibres and age clothes over time. So, how do you care for your clothes? With Skip liquid detergents.

How Does Skip Detergent Care for Clothes?

Skip Detergents have Fibre Care Technology™ which makes fibres smooth and aligns them making it easier to wash off the dirt. This detergent goes beyond cleaning and provides long lasting fibre protection.

Skip anti-ageing liquid detergent helps fight the 5 signs of clothes ageing, which are:

  • Removes Stains

  • Maintains Whiteness

  • Maintains Colour

  • Removes Bobbles

  • Prevents Roughness

The enzymes in Skip auto washing liquid maintain the colour of bright fabrics and prevent the yellowing of white fabrics. This formula helps to keep clothes looking vibrant and beautiful for longer. Its unique Fibre Care Technology™ also removes bubbles and prevents roughness for expert garment care.

How To Use Skip Liquid Detergent?

So, how do you go about using Skip’s anti-ageing detergent? It’s simple, just follow the steps we’ve outlined below:

  • First, separate your clothes. Sort them into piles of whites, delicates, light colours, and dark colours.

  • Before you wash, check for stains. Pour a drop or two of Skip washing liquid directly onto the stubborn stains and massage it into the fabric. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

  • Measure one cap of Skip auto washing liquid and pour it into the detergent compartment of your washing machine.

  • Remember to set your preferred water temperature. Load your clothes into the drum, select the recommended wash cycle and speed and you are ready to go.

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Why Use Skip Liquid Detergents?

Skip liquid detergent comes with added benefits that make your laundry experience that much better for your clothes. Here are 5 good reasons to trust Skip to care for your clothes:

  1. It has no adverse effects on clothing fibre when applied directly to stains.

  2. It can be used in both hot and cold water. So you can save on electricity costs.

  3. It dissolves completely, leaving no residue on your clothes.

  4. It keeps your clothes smelling fresh for longer.

  5. It doesn't require special storage.

Pro Tip When Using Liquid Detergent

You can get better results when using Skip intelligent liquid detergent if you:

  • Check the care labels for information on how to wash and care for your clothes. This includes optimal washing temperature, speed, spin cycle, and duration.

  • Leave some room for your clothes to move around in the washing machine. So split the laundry into several loads, if necessary, and don’t fill your machine with too much water.

  • Turn dark-coloured clothes inside out before washing so you can avoid wear and tear to fabric surfaces.

Detergents that just keep your clothes clean are only taking care of half the issue. You need to take good care of your clothes if you want to keep them for a long time. Using Skip washing liquid will keep them looking fresh, bright, and smelling nice. So, the next time you need detergent, do your clothes a favour and pick up Skip.

Try the Skip liquid detergent out for yourself and see how it keeps your clothes looking newer for longer through the Fibre Care Technology™.

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