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Keep Clothes From Ageing With Skip Auto Detergent

Keeping Clothes Looking New For Longer Has Never Been Easier With Skip, See How!


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Skip auto washing powder was the first machine laundry powder launched in the 1960s when the first washing machines entered the South African market. Since then, Skip continues to provide innovative and advanced technology solutions to taking care of your clothes. With Skip washing powders, your clothes and linens stay looking new for longer.

Why Choose Skip Machine Washing Powder?

Doing laundry isn’t just about cleaning your clothes. It’s also important for maintaining the fabric. As a leading expert in clothing care, Skip is the perfect auto washing powder to protect your fabrics from everyday wear and tear. Skip washing powder doesn’t just clean your clothes. It goes the extra mile to maintain the texture and colour of your clothes.

Skip automatic washing powder provides specialised fibre care to maintain the quality of your clothes for longer. You get the maximum number of wears from the clothes you love with Skip’s washing powder technology.

How Skip Auto Powder Keeps Clothes From Ageing?

We take pride in the technological advancements in our detergents that make your clothes last longer. Our innovative solutions are what keeps your fabrics in great condition. Skip anti-ageing detergent contains anti-ageing properties to help you wear your clothes looking new for longer.

Skip washing powder is scientifically formulated to protect your clothing. This is a two-level technology that penetrates your clothes, working to maintain the texture of fibres during and after wash. Our anti-ageing washing powder not only removes stains but also uses an advanced formula to prevent roughness by removing bobbles and loose fibres. It maintains the perfect shape and feel of your clothes.

Is The Anti-ageing Powder Effective On Coloured And Black Clothes?

Skip anti-ageing washing powder is gentle on dark colours. It prevents fading and keeps your dark clothes dark. With Skip anti-ageing detergent, the colours on your fabric stay vibrant for long.

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Skip is a scientifically formulated anti-ageing detergent product for black and white clothes:

  • Perfect Darks for Dark Clothes (1.5l)

  • Perfect Whites for White Clothes (1.5l)

Skip anti-ageing for white clothes keeps them white and bright wear after wear, while dark clothes stay darker for longer with the Perfect Darks for Dark Clothes detergent.

Skip Liquid Detergent

Skip liquid anti-ageing detergents may be just what you need for a more convenient laundry day. Skip Liquid Detergent contains Fibre Care Technology which penetrates your fabric for a more thorough clean while enhancing the shape and colour. It smoothes and aligns the fibres so it can eliminate stains and dirt more easily.

Skip Liquid detergent is available in convenient 1.5L, 2L and 3L bottles. One cap of Skip Liquid Detergent goes a long way and gives your clothes brilliant results.

A Reliable Automatic Washing Powder

You get a cleaner wash as it dissolves completely in water and leaves no residue on your clothing. You can apply this washing liquid directly to stains.

It also contains long-lasting perfume capsules that make your clothes smell pleasant. The perfume capsules release a fragrance that stays in your clothing even weeks after washing. Skip is the best auto washing powder to keep your clothes looking, feeling, and smelling great.

Skip Is A Sustainable Machine Washing Powder

Skip Anti-Ageing auto washing powder is easy to carry and store because it’s available in 2kg, and 3kg bags. Our packaging is environmentally friendly. It uses less energy, during production, compared to cardboard boxes previously used to package washing powders.

Skip Liquid Detergent is environmentally friendly because it works in cold temperatures, as well as hot. You can save electricity by using cold water during your washes.

Try Skip Today

Skip cares for your fabrics as much as you do. By taking care of your favourite clothing using Skip washing detergents, you can confidently wear them for years. Try it, and you’ll notice the difference.

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