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Shine Bright Like Your Laundry: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Bright Clothes Bright

Neutrals are good, black and white clothes are great, but bright clothes add a different kind of flair in your life. If you’re passionate about neons and bright-coloured clothing, we understand just how important it is to prevent the colour from washing out.


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Shine Bright like your Laundry: Tips and Tricks for Keeping your Bright Clothes Bright

Keep Your Bright Clothes Brighter for Longer

Bright clothes are beautiful and bold, but they require special love and care to maintain their brightness and vibrancy. Whether your wardrobe is packed with colourful summer dresses or a spread of bright t-shirts and skirts, we’ve got just the right tips and tricks to help you keep those clothes bright. If you want to learn how to prevent colour fading from your bright clothes, keep reading.

Just like many things in life, the key to making things last is taking care of them. If you are someone who values the condition and longevity of your clothes, a “simple” wash isn’t enough to keep them intact. It’s essential to take proper care of your clothes so that they can last for years with that same bright colour as if you had just purchased them yesterday.

How to Choose the Right Detergent for Bright Clothes

When it comes to washing clothes, you can’t just go with any detergent. Some detergents are stronger than others and some contain harsh chemicals that can actually break down fabric fibres. Choosing the right detergent is the first step in keeping your bright clothes brighter than the night stars. Ideally, you want to go for a detergent that prevents your clothes from looking dull or faded.

Here are some tips for choosing the right detergent for bright clothes:

  • Look for a detergent that is designed for washing bright or coloured clothing.

  • Go for a detergent with a pH level of 7 and 8 to prevent colour fading.

  • Use a fabric softener or colour booster in combination with your detergent to enhance the colour of your clothes.

  • Surf Washing Powder is great for washing bright clothes, is gentle on fabrics, and effectively removes stains without causing damage or fading the colour.

Our handwashing powder is a premium powder detergent that brightens and whitens the brightest of clothes. It keeps your laundry looking brand-new and preserves that beautiful bright colour. If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s Surf Hand Washing Powder to keep your bright clothes bright, fresh, and stain-free.

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How to Wash Bright Clothes?

Bright clothes aren’t your everyday basics and require special attention to detail to keep the colours vibrant and prevent them from fading. Here are some easy tips to follow:

  1. Sort out your laundry by colour and fabric type before washing. Starting off like this will prevent bright colours from bleeding into other garments. Remember: always wash bright clothes separately or with other similar bright colours.

  2. Use the right detergent. Choosing a detergent designed for coloured clothes, such as Surf Hand Washing Powder, can prevent colour from fading. Surf washing powder also keeps your clothes bright, dirt-free, and clean.

  3. Use the right water temperature. Cold water should be used to wash bright clothes as hot water can cause colours to fade and shrink the fabric.

  4. Measure your detergent. Using too much detergent can cause damage or fading and not using enough may not effectively remove stains.

  5. Soak clothes in a detergent and water solution. To ensure the detergent effectively cleans your clothes, soak them in a solution of Surf Hand Washing Powder and water for a few minutes before washing.

  6. Rinse clothes thoroughly. Make sure to rinse your bright clothes thoroughly to remove any traces of detergent.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Bright Clothes Bright

Want to keep your bright clothes bright and looking their best? Follow these colourful tips and tricks below.

  1. Turn clothes inside out before washing. Interestingly enough, when fabrics rub against each other, it can cause the colour to fade. Turning it inside out can prevent this from happening.

  2. Avoid over-washing bright clothes. You should only wash your clothes when necessary, otherwise overwashing your bright clothes can cause damage and fade those vibrant colours.

  3. Use Surf Hand Washing Powder to keep your whites and brights look fresh, vibrant, and radiant.

  4. Use vinegar or baking soda to help brighten colours. Take 1 cup of vinegar or baking soda and add it to the wash cycle. This works wonders in helping enhance the brightness of your clothes.

  5. Avoid drying bright clothes in direct sunlight. The sun’s UV rays have a reputation for being harsh on skin and clothes. Dry your bright clothes in the shade instead of direct sunlight.

  6. Store bright clothes separately from dark clothes. Colours can transfer from dark into bright ones. Keep them separate to prevent this from happening.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

As you become a pro at washing bright clothes, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Using too much detergent. This causes unwanted damage and promotes colour fading.

  2. Not rinsing clothes thoroughly. The last thing you want on your clothes is traces of detergent. Take that extra step to rinse your clothes and avoid long-term damage.

  3. Drying bright clothes in direct sunlight. UV rays can make those beautiful colours fade - rather dry bright clothes in the shade or indoors.

Keeping your bright clothes bright starts with choosing the right detergent. Then, it’s a matter of taking the right steps to make sure you avoid common washing mistakes. You can’t go wrong with Surf Hand Washing powder - it keeps your colourful clothing bright, fresh, and clean and smells amazing.

For unmatched brightness, always choose Surf for your laundry needs and experience the superior whiteness and bright colours our products provide.


Can I use Surf Hand Washing Powder on coloured clothes?

Yes, Surf Hand Washing Powder is suitable for white, dark, and coloured clothes.

How often should I wash bright clothes?

You should only wash your clothes when necessary to avoid over-washing and causing damage to the fabric.

What is the best way to dry bright clothes?

The best way to dry bright clothes is to air-dry them in a shaded area or use a dryer on a low heat setting.

Can I use vinegar or baking soda on all types of fabric?

While vinegar and baking soda can help brighten colours, it's important to test this on a small area of the fabric first to make sure it doesn't cause any damage or discolouration.

Can I use Surf Hand Washing Powder in a washing machine?

Surf Hand Washing Powder is designed for handwashing only. It is a high-foam, premium washing powder, so we do not recommend using it in your washing machine.

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