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The Benefits of Using Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Your clothes can benefit from a fabric softener. Read how.


The Benefits of Using Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Using a Concentrated Fabric Conditioners

Is there a difference between fabric conditioner and concentrated fabric conditioner? There certainly is, and we're going to tell you all about it.

Concentrated fabric conditioner benefits are numerous and when using a good quality product range like Comfort, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these benefits and more.

Benefits of Using Concentrated Fabric Softeners

Concentrated fabric conditioner, just as its name suggests, is simply a concentrated or stronger form of an original product. Comfort has formulated their range of concentrated product options to give their buyers a few additional fabric softener benefits to the usual ones of softening clothes and keeping them static-free.

  • The 800ml range of Comfort concentrated conditioners enables you to wash as many loads of washing as a regular 2L softener would offer you. This is a great fabric conditioner benefit because it means that you need less product per wash for better results.

  • Another benefit of concentrated fabric conditioners from Comfort is that the 800ml bottle (as opposed to the standard 2L bottle) allows you to save more storage space in your laundry.

  • It is also an important environmental move because, even though the Comfort bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic, you are still choosing packaging that uses less plastic.

Should You Dilute Concentrated Fabric Softener?

You don't have to dilute it. Because it is concentrated, Comfort fabric softener comes in smaller bottles. The smaller bottles are easy to use, and the size makes storage convenient, without having to compromise on the number of washes you can get out of them.

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Although Comfort is a concentrate, you don't dilute it to use. This means you use much less. One small cap or less is all you need for softness and long-lasting freshness. There are refill packs available in sizes 400ml and 800ml.

Simply use as directed, putting the conditioning liquid straight into your washing machine dispenser or when washing by hand.

Always follow the correct instructions for use when washing your clothing with a great fabric conditioner like Comfort. Follow Comfort on Facebook: Comfort Zone South Africa and Instagram: @comfort_southafrica.

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