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Sustainable Fashion: Where Is It Heading?

Sustainable fashion is important, but it can be hard to find good information about it, like where is the sustainable fashion industry heading and what does its future look like?


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Sustainable Fashion: Where Is It Heading?

It's no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. And yet, sustainable fashion is still a relatively new concept for many people.

In this article, Skip provides an easy way to learn about sustainable fashion; where it is going, and what the future holds for it. We also take a look at how to shop sustainably in your own life too.

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important For The Future?

Consumers the world over are becoming more conscious. Conscious of their brands, their brand’s practices, and what their brands are doing to be more sustainable. This kind of consciousness is, in turn, forcing big brands and large retailers to look more closely at what it is they are doing to align their consumer's demands for sustainability.

  • The sustainable fashion industry and its participants are going to become the only way to shop in the near future, and here’s why:

  • Sustainable fashion manufacturers promote environmental justice. This means that sustainable fashion companies are conscious of what they do and how they do it including their water usage and waste production.

  • Sustainable or ethical clothing companies create fashion that benefits everyone and not just the consumer and their bottom line. It benefits their staff, their community, their environment, and the world as a whole.

With this way of looking at it, sustainable fashion practices will create a future that is longer-lasting and more beneficial for all involved in the long run, instead of making fast fashion that’s simply important for right now.

How You Can Be More Sustainable With Your Fashion?

There are several ways that you can become more sustainable in the way you choose your fashion items as a consumer. Here’s how:

  • Support companies that are open about how they operate and how they are striving toward sustainability year on year.

  • Support local designers in your city and region that use local resources to create the clothing and, importantly, use locally sourced fabrics only.

  • Implement slow fashion practices in your own life like upcycling old clothing, buying second-hand items, doing clothing swaps, or donating pre-loved items instead of just throwing them away.

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Where to Get Sustainable Fashion and Future Proof Your Fashion Sense

Buying from second-hand or thrift stores is the first step in investing in sustainable fashion trends. Other ways that you can future-proof your fashion sense and make a difference in sustainability is through:

  • Brand loyalty – when you know a brand (be it either a local or international brand) is sustainable and actively strives toward real, impactful sustainable practices then that is a brand you should support time and time again.

  • Be informed. Don’t be afraid to ask brands questions about their sustainability contributions, current practices, as well as plans for the future. Brands that are truly sustainable will be willing to discuss these topics openly with you without hiding anything.

How Are Companies Future-Proofing Sustainability

There are some exciting trends coming from a variety of small and large fashion retailers that are showing that they are determined to invest in a more sustainable fashion future. Some of the most exciting things we have seen are:

  • Fashion apps that will allow you to place your gently-worn items that you no longer want up for resale in no time at all. Users can buy and sell used items simply and easily through these apps.

  • Using materials that are either recycled or can be more easily recycled, as well as materials that have a lesser CO2 impact to grow like organic cotton versus regular cotton.

  • Implementing circular business models for their customers where brands will encourage their buyers to invest in their circle of life for fashion which includes sale, resale, rental, repair, and refurbishment. It’s not just about buying and throwing away; the brand will now invest in helping you create a more sustainable life cycle for their items

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FAQs on The Sustainable Fashion Industry

Where is sustainable fashion most popular?

Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more popular all over the world, especially amongst the youth between 18 – 30 years old.

Is sustainable fashion a growing industry?

It is. Consumers are wanting the brands they buy from to be more sustainable, or else they will move on to another brand that is.

Do people really care about the future of the sustainable fashion industry?

Not everyone does, but the majority of informed, intelligent consumers understand that sustainable fashion means a better future for everyone involved.

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