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Things Everyone Should Know About Sustainable Fashion

When it comes to contemporary fashion, thinking towards the future is what’s in style. With the significant contribution the clothing industry continues to make towards pollution, water waste, greenhouse gas emissions and poor working conditions for garment workers, focusing on fashion is more important than ever for the good of the planet.


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Things Everyone Should Know About Sustainable Fashion

The reality though is that fashion trends often change as fast as the seasons do, resulting in the overproduction of clothing, which has long-lasting consequences for the environment.

With fashion waste on the rise across the globe, sustainable fashion has become the buzzword that could be the solution to the impact fast fashion has on the environment. Not familiar with sustainable fashion? Then read on for the 5 things you should know about sustainable fashion.

What To Know About Sustainable Fashion

  • The negative effects of fast fashion are far-reaching, creating issues such as:

  • Fabric microfibres pollute the oceans and threaten aquatic life

  • Synthetic fabrics that take years to break down, filling local landfills

  • Garment production requiring increased use of toxins and pesticides that pollute waterways and pose a risk to garment makers

These are just some of the ways in which fast fashion affects the planet as well as those that produce the clothes we wear. Sustainable fashion has become an increasingly popular movement as a potential solution to addressing the negative impacts of fast fashion. What is sustainable fashion? Well, sustainable fashion is a term for creating and wearing clothing in a way that can be sustained, while also protecting the environment and those who make the garments.

When it comes to the things you should know about sustainable fashion, it’s really about learning the ways in which you can participate in and support a more sustainable fashion ecosystem. So here are our sustainable fashion tips that we think you need to know to make sustainable fashion a trend that’s forever in style.

  1. Be a conscious buyer

This is a lot simpler than it may sound because it simply requires that you put a bit more thought into the clothing you’re buying, before you buy it. So consider factors like why you are buying a particular item and how likely you are to wear it repeatedly throughout the years. Questions like these will ideally help you to buy fewer new clothes.

  1. Give your garments a second life

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Fashion waste is an increasing issue with more and more people wearing their garments just once. A way to combat this is by thinking smart when it comes to getting rid of old clothes. So instead of chucking your old clothes in the bin, consider re-selling them, doing a clothes swap, or mending torn clothes to give your gear a second life.

  1. Shop second-hand

Buying pre-loved clothing is a great way to contribute to sustainable fashion. It extends the life of the garments and helps to ensure the resources that were used to produce the clothing item don’t go to waste. Plus, it’s vintage and vintage never goes out of style!

  1. Know your materials

Having an understanding of what materials go into making your garments is an essential part of shopping sustainably. A lot of clothes are made with synthetic materials that take years to break down and end up filling up our landfills. Avoid synthetic fabrics by making sure you know what materials went into making your garment.

  1. Give your garments the best care

Taking care of your clothes is essential to help ensure they last as long as possible and contributes to sustainable fashion. Factors like overwashing or washing with poor-quality detergents can shorten the lifespan of your garments.

To help give your clothes the best care so that they last longer, use Skip liquid detergent. With fibre protect technology, Skip liquid detergent works to effectively clean your clothes while delivering the best care to keep your garments in shape, bright and clean. You can also care for your clothes by repairing them or redesigning them instead of throwing them away.

The future of fashion is certainly sustainability. Use these tips to help make sustainable fashion a trend that lasts.

FAQs on Sustainable Fashion

What do I need to know about sustainable fashion?

With sustainable fashion, it’s important to know the ways in which you can help contribute towards it.

Does wearing eco-friendly clothes count as sustainable fashion?

Yes, wearing eco-friendly clothing does contribute towards sustainable fashion.

What are the types of sustainable fashion?

Some of the types of sustainable fashion include rent, swap and lease; locally made; vintage and second-hand.

Who is leading in sustainable fashion?

There are a number of retailers who have committed to and are using more sustainable practices for producing their clothes.

How fast is sustainable fashion growing?

Sustainable fashion as a movement is growing at an increasingly rapid pace to help reduce fashion waste and its consequences.

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