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How to clean a really dirty toilet, fast!

Is your dirty toilet screaming out for help? Find out how to remove stains from toilets in 10 minutes or less with this handy guide.


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Toilet cleaning essentials:

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to clean your toilet fast:

Cleaning the toilet is one of the jobs around the home that can seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It actually is only a 10-minute job if you know a few little tricks.

The main concern with toilets is that they can harbour germs and become very dirty, but if you routinely clean your toilet there’s no need to worry about this happening. However, with busy work and home lives to juggle, it can be common to neglect your toilet cleaning routine.

Don’t forget to clean your toilet brush regularly – a dirty scrubbing brush will only make the condition of your loo worse.

How to Clean a Dirty Toilet in 10 Minutes

We have two great methods of how to get stains out of toilets, each being an effective solution to dirty loos. Just remember with any cleaning product that you use that you should always read the instructions on the label first and take appropriate safety measures such as wearing rubber gloves.


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Remove Toilet Stains with a Commercial Toilet Cleaner

This method is split into two parts with a 30 minute rest in-between – just enough time to put your feet up and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Part 1 – Prepare the loo and tackle stains (6-7 minutes)

  1. Put on your rubber gloves, lift up the toilet seat, and squirt your toilet cleaner around the rim and the sides. A bleach based cleaner like Domestos Thick Bleach is great for tackling germs in the toilet bowl, but if your dirty toilet is covered in limescale stains then choose a cleaner with limescale-fighting properties. Remember to follow the instructions on your product’s label.
  2. Next scrub the toilet with the toilet brush making sure the cleaning solution reaches every nook and cranny of the toilet, including the u-bend.
  3. Then, leave the toilet cleaner to get to work for about 30 minutes. Put your feet up and have a cup of tea, or clean another area in the bathroom, like the shower!

Part 2 – Give it a final scrub and rinse (3-4 minutes)

After you’ve allowed the solution to sit for 30 minutes you can complete the final few minutes of your 10-minute toilet cleaning task!

  1. Give the toilet one more scrub to loosen any particularly stubborn stains.
  2. Flush the toilet and stand back and admire your now sparkling clean toilet.

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

How to Remove Toilet Stains with Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking soda is a great natural cleaning agent that wears away at stains, and when mixed with vinegar – another brilliant natural cleaner ­– it creates a carbonic acid, perfect for scrubbing away tough stains from the toilet bowl.

  1. Pour one cup of vinegar (approximately 240ml) into the toilet bowl. Swish the solution around with the toilet brush and leave to sit for about a minute.
  2. Add about one cup of baking soda and then add another one to two cups of vinegar. The solution should fizz and create a bubbly concoction.
  3. Leave to sit for about five minutes, and then scrub the toilet making sure the solution reaches all the stains in the toilet.
  4. Finally, flush the toilet and you’re done!

If after trying either of the above methods there’s still some stains lingering in your toilet bowl then repeat the method again or try the alternative option.

Knowing how to remove stains from a toilet bowl is quick and easy to do – don’t neglect your toilet, try the above methods and give your toilet a bit of TLC!

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