How to use a steam mop to clean the floor

Do you need to know the best ways to clean floors with a steam mop? Read on for essential tips on how to use a steam mop.

Updated 7 June 2022


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Key Steps to Using a Steam Mop

  1. 1

    Brush or vacuum the floor to remove loose debris first.

  2. 2

    Attach a clean mop head or cloth to your steam mop.

  3. 3

    Turn it onto an appropriate setting for your floor and make sure the water tank has enough water in it.

  4. 4

    Work across the floor from the corner of the room furthest from the door.

  5. 5

    Leave the floor to dry before stepping back inside.

Steam mops are an eco-friendly and efficient solution to cleaning practically any hard floor in the house, doing away with the need for harsh chemicals and taking the elbow grease out of shifting grime. As well as making short shrift of dirt, the hot steam kills 99% of bacteria, leaving surfaces hygienic as well as spotless – and, unlike regular mops, steam mops don’t leave a sticky residue in their wake. So what do you need to know about your steam mop? Here are our top 5 essential tips:

Steam mop pads need to be washed and changed regularly. It’s ideal to have more than one mop pad so you can do all your floors at once without having to wash the pad in between. It’s well worth investing in a couple as they are reasonably priced and wash up nicely in the washing machine!

1. How to Use a Steam Mop?

How to use a steam mop to clean the floor

It’s easy to make the transition from dry to steam floor mops. First, read the manual for your steam mop. Then, just add water, make sure you have attached a clean microfibre pad, and wait a few minutes while the temperature climbs to around 120 degrees Celsius. Remember to always take the necessary safety precautions to avoid burns or injury. Now you’re ready to tackle practically any sealed surface, including the following:

  • Tiles

  • Granite

  • Marble

  • Vinyl

2. Can You Steam Clean Laminate Floors? 

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is yes, but you need to exercise a little caution. To steam clean laminate floors, it’s important to test the water (so to speak) on a small, inconspicuous area – just to make sure that the surface responds as expected. If you notice the laminate curling at the edges, or any unnatural discolouration, then return to your usual cleaning regime.

3. How to Steam Clean Wood Floors

How to use a steam mop to clean the floor

Though wood is notoriously tricky to clean, your steam mop is more than up to the task. To steam clean wood floors and return them to their former glory, follow these simple steps:

  • Put your steam mop on a low setting, release the steam and then move the mop along the floor in even strokes.

  • Check the microfibre cloth every five minutes or so and replace if needed – this will depend on how dirty the floor is.

  • Remember: don’t use steam mops on wood floors which have been treated with wax, as there is a small chance that the heat could damage the surface.

4. Know the Tips and Tricks for Using Steam Floor Mops

To get the most out of your steam floor mop, try these tips and tricks:

  • For particularly grimy spots, keep the steam mop centred on the area for around eight seconds, allowing the steam particles to break down stubborn dirt.

How to use a steam mop to clean the floor
  • Vacuum up any surface debris before using your steam mop to remove unseen dirt.

How to use a steam mop to clean the floor
  • Rinse the mop with water after each clean to shift any potential calcium deposits.

How to use a steam mop to clean the floor
  • Check that your microfibre pad is clean before getting down and dirty.

5. When a Steam Mop Is Not a Steam Mop

Although a steam mop is a type of steam cleaner, there are a couple of important differences between traditional steam cleaners and steam mops to bear in mind. Steam cleaners use brushes to scrub surfaces, while steam mops feature a plastic head covered by a cloth pad. Additionally, steam cleaners are primarily designed for cleaning carpets, while steam mops can be applied to a far wider range of surfaces.

So there you have it: you can now make the most of your steam mop.

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