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Removing wood stains: The ultimate guide

Here we'll share our tips for removing stains from wood carefully to prevent damage to the wood.


remove stain from wood

If you see stains on your favourite wooden furniture, you may think there is not a lot that you can do. However, as long as any stain removal is done very carefully in order to prevent any damage to the wood itself, there is hope. Here we will share our ultimate guide for removing stains from wood to help you preserve its colour and shape.

If you’ve tried different methods which haven’t worked, magic eraser products soaked in water should get rid of the stain. Be sure to test it on an unseen area first.

How do you know that the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom have been disinfected?

How to remove stains from wood

If you want to remove stains from wood, follow these simple tips:

  1. If a stain has dried and is only on the surface of the wood, you can mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and wipe the stain away using a soft cloth. If you do not have any white vinegar, you can also use lemon juice.
  2. For white marks caused by hot cups which go beyond the surface; make a paste of one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of water. Rub the mark in a circular motion until the stain is gone.
  3. You can also use olive oil or cooking oil to remove the white mark that the alcohol-based products leave behind.
  4. For deeper stains, such as dye stains, carefully wipe away the stain using alcohol-based products such as hairspray or hand sanitiser.
  5. If you are struggling to remove a stubborn stain, try using a commercial stain remover, ensuring you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the box.


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

How to remove wood stain marks caused by water

Knowing how to remove stain from wood when you have spilled water on it is simpler than you think if you just follow these easy steps:

  1. For water marks left by glasses or bottles, make a paste of one teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water.  Rub the paste into the stain using a soft cloth. Be careful not to add too much water as this could damage the wood more.
  2. If you spot a water ring mark, you could also rub petroleum jelly over the mark and leave it overnight. Simply wipe the mark and petroleum jelly away in the morning.

Now you have a simple guide to follow, you can remove water stains from wood as well as other stains without damaging the wood, and help preserve the colour and shape of your furniture.    

  • Once you have removed the stain, thoroughly clean the area to ensure there is no residual cleaning products left behind.
  • Apply a thin layer of wax to help waterproof and protect the wood.
  • Once the wax is dry, gently buff the wood with a soft, clean cloth.
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