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How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Carpet

Learn how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet fibres with these simple steps.

Cats are a really lovely family pet, and provide endless fun especially if you have children. Having them in your home, however, sometimes leads to unfortunate accidents should they forget to use their cat litter or go outside. Here you will find some easy to follow steps for how to remove cat urine smell from carpet fibres.

Tips for preparing your carpet for cleaning

There are a few key points you should know before you start removing cat pee smell from carpet fibres:

  • Wear gloves when cleaning your carpet to protect your skin.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly once you have finished cleaning your carpet.

How to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

There are seven easy steps to take to when it comes to understanding how to get pee smell out of carpet fibres quickly.

  1. Use an old towel or cloth to blot the area of carpet that has cat urine on it.
  2. Try to ensure that as much liquid as possible is absorbed.
  3. Mix up a vinegar and water solution, and scrub this into the affected area.
  4. Dry the area thoroughly.
  5. You can use baking soda to lift any remaining smells; simply leave it overnight and vacuum the area clean in the morning.
  6. Ensure that you use a disinfecting spray or solution to clean the carpet once it is dry to kill of any lingering bacteria that could cause health issues for you and your family.
  7. Pop any clothes you were wearing during the cleaning process straight into the wash immediately and preferably use gloves when handling them.

Now you know how to get rid of cat pee smell in carpet fibres, you are ready for any accidents that may occur in your home, and have all the tips you need to get your carpet clean and odour free fast.    

Top Tip

The key to removing cat pee smell from carpet is to act fast. Cover a fresh cat pee stain in an absorbent material – if you don’t want to use a towel or don’t have access to kitchen roll, you can use some litter box pellets and vacuum them up after they’ve absorbed the urine. Remember to change vacuum bags so you don’t get stuck with the smell of cat urine in your home.

Key Steps

  • Wear gloves to protect your skin.
  • Wash your hands after you remove cat urine smell from carpet fibres.
  • Never rub urine stains as this will push them further into your carpet.
  • Always be careful with cat urine if you’re pregnant. If in doubt, ask for help.