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How to get candle wax off walls and wooden floors

Candle wax stains can be a pain if you don’t know how to clean them up. Read on to find out how!


how to remove candle wax from the wooden floor

Candles are a lovely addition to any home. They smell delightful, look homely and add a cosy atmosphere to any room. But, they do have a tendency to leave splashes of wax wherever they go. Thankfully, help is at hand. Here’s how to avoid any headaches caused by candle wax stains!

Always wait until a candle has returned to a completely solid state before you move it. This’ll prevent it from spilling hot wax as you carry it from room to room.

How to get candle wax off walls

When it comes to how to remove candle wax from wall areas – specifically painted walls – you have to be very gentle so as not to ruin the surface underneath. Follow this method:

  1. First, use a hair dryer on a medium temperature and gently heat the wax.
  2. With a cloth, start to wipe off the wax as it melts.
  3. Mix together a solution of vinegar and water (with a ratio of 1:3) and apply it to the mark. It should come off easily without damaging the paint beneath.


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How to remove candle wax from wood floor

If you’re faced with the task of how to get candle wax off wood, you might be in a bit of a panic, but it’s actually not too hard at all. First, get an ice cube and harden the wax. Then scrape it off gently using a plastic ruler or credit card (don’t use a knife or anything sharp as this could damage the wood). Then, use Cif Cream to get off any excess. Finally, use a wooden floor wax to ensure your floor remains undamaged. See, it really isn’t difficult to remove candle wax from wood!

Candle wax stain prevention

To prevent candle wax stains there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Keep candles a good distance from walls. Around 15cm should do the trick and stop any splashes.
  • Place candles on a drip tray. The tray will collect all the wax that drips down the side of the candle to prevent spills so that you don’t have to worry about how to remove candle wax from wood.

It’s actually not too hard to clean up candle wax and prevent future spills! Now you know what to do, you’ll never have a problem with candles again.

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