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Domestos Original Thick Bleach

We all know that germs exist in our homes, but the actual volume may concern you. Introducing Domestos Original Thick Bleach, a household and bathroom cleaning bleach that every home needs to kill germs.


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Domestos Original Thick Bleach

Take a look at these scary statistics;

  • There are about 50 different types of bacteria per square cm on a toilet seat

  • A kitchen sponge has 10 million bacteria per square cm

  • 27% of toilet seats have mould and yeast on them

  • Dirty toilets are the biggest reason for diseases like norovirus spreading

  • Germs can be spread approximately 25cm up into the air when flushing a toilet

It's impossible to avoid all germs, but you can protect yourself and your family by using quality cleaning products that are formulated to kill germs on contact. Let’s find out more about one of the most powerful disinfectants on the market, Domestos Thick Bleach, its benefits, uses, and how best to use it at home.

Benefits of Domestos Thick Bleach

Cleaning with Domestos offers the high standard of cleanliness that you want in your home. Its powerful formulation kills 99.9% of germs immediately on contact, so you can rest assured that the bacteria that are lurking on your toilet seat, in your toilet bowl, and in the surrounding area, will die on contact with Domestos Thick Bleach.

Domestos Thick Bleach also helps to remove yellow stains from surfaces like porcelain, tiles, plastic, and more. So, you get a double impact when using the bleach – you get a hygienic clean, and brighter surface too.

Domestos Thick Bleach Uses

Domestos uses are multi-faceted, with all of them focused on leaving your home germ-free and sparkling:

  • This powerful product is ideal to use on high-contact surfaces in the bathroom like toilet seats, toilet bowls, basins, baths, showers, and even the tiling.

  • When diluted, Domestos Thick Bleach can be used on wall tiles and flooring in the bathroom too.

  • You can also use this bleach in other areas of your home like kitchen sinks, kitchen surfaces, floors, and outside drains.

  • Diluted Domestos Bleach can be used to bleach dishcloths and sponges too.

How to use Domestos Thick Bleach at home?

There are three sets of Domestos instructions for use that can be followed:

For high-germ surfaces like toilets, sinks, and drains you can use Domestos directly on these surfaces, neat. Squirt the bleach directly onto the surface and leave it to act deeply for 5- 15 minutes. Rinse off with water after that.

For surfaces and floors in the kitchen and bathroom, you’ll need to dilute the bleach. Dilute 180 ml in 2L of water as the perfect floor sanitising solution. To clean dishcloths and kitchen sponges, dilute 90ml of bleach in 1L of water and leave them to soak in the solution for 15 – 30 minutes.

To bleach white fabrics for clothing simply dilute 20ml of bleach in 5L of warm water and allow the clothing to soak for 5 – 15 minutes. Wash normally in the washing machine thereafter.

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Domestos offers a range of products that are tough on germs but safe for your home. Domestos Original Thick Bleach is perfect for cleaning surfaces and getting rid of dirt and grime. Why don’t you try it out today?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Domestos Original Thick Bleach

How do you use Domestos Thick Bleach?

Read our blog above for all the information you need on how to use Domestos Thick Bleach on every kind of surface.

Can you mix thick bleach with water?

Diluting thick bleach with water is perfect when you want to clean surfaces and floors, as well as disinfect dishcloths and sponges.

Is Domestos Original Thick Bleach safe for clothing?

Yes! Just dilute 20ml of bleach in 5L of water and soak the white clothing in the solution for 5 – 15 minutes.

Is Domestos safe for granite floor tiles?

Never use Domestos neat on flooring but make sure you dilute 180ml of bleach in 2L of water to create a floor disinfectant solution.

Can I wash dishes with Domestos?

If you are wanting to disinfect or sanitise a dish you can soak it in a solution of bleach and water. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

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