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How to Keep Your Swimwear Feeling Soft and New

Keeping your swimwear looking as good as new can be difficult. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can take their toll on your swimsuit fabric, leaving it feeling rough, looking faded, and generally worse for wear.


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How to Keep Your Swimwear Feeling Soft and New

Thanks to our long, languid South African summers, swimming is a favourite pastime for many of us. It’s a fun way to pass the time with friends and family over the weekends, and it’s a great way to stay fit as a form of exercise too. But what to do when your swimming cozzi starts to feel rough and looks faded after just a few wears? We’ve created this guide with tips on caring for clothes like swimwear using the power of Comfort Fabric Conditioner to keep them looking fabulous for longer. Read all of our tips on the best clothing care tips you can use at home for your swimming suits.

How to Care for Your Swimsuit During Use?

When you put your swimming costume on, there are a few things you can do to care for it while you’re wearing it too. Whether you’ll be swimming in a pool, or in the sea, follow these hacks to keep your costume from stretching out or fading while you’re having fun.

  • Don’t let sunscreen get onto your swimsuit. Creams like sunscreen and sun oils can instantly tarnish your swimsuit, leaving it with a yellow tinge that can be hard to get out.

  • Don’t lay in the sun directly for hours – mainly because it’s really bad for your skin but also because the heat and direct UV rays can damage the swimsuit fabric too.

  • Take your costume off completely when using the loo, don’t be tempted to stretch it out of the way because this can lead to your seams stretching and tearing.

5 Tips for Caring for Your Swimsuit After Use

Once you’ve enjoyed your swimming session, it’s time to follow these easy care-for clothing tips to make sure your swimwear stays in the best condition possible, after use.

#1 – Always Rinse Your Swimwear

Once you’ve finished, always rinse your swimsuit in cold running water. The running water washes off any excess salt, chlorine, and chemicals from the fabric.

#2 – Soak For 10 Mins

Once rinsed, put warm water into your bathroom sink or basin and soak your swimsuit in the warm water for about 10 minutes. You can add a teaspoon of your favourite laundry detergent if your swimsuit has become dirty or stained. Once you’ve soaked the swimsuit, be sure to rinse it again under cold, running water.

#3 – Condition With Fabric Conditioner

They key to keeping your swimwear soft, and in the best condition possible is to, literally, condition it. Soak the costume in a sink full of warm water again and add ½ cup of fabric conditioner in. We love the range of fabric conditioners from Comfort because they come in a variety of different fragrances and just a small amount will bring long-lasting softness and fragrance to your swimwear.

#4 – Rinse & Gentle Squeeze

Once you’ve treated any stains and conditioned your swimming costume, rinse once again under cold, running water. Do not wring out your costume too vigorously but rather gently squeeze it to get rid of all the excess water.

#5 – Lay Out To Dry

Lay your costume on a hard, dry surface if you have one, as this can prevent it from stretching. But, if you don’t have a flat surface, then your washing line will suffice. Dry your swimwear well in natural sunlight.

How to Store Your Swimwear to Keep it Fresh and Smelling Great?

If you follow the fabric care instructions above, you will pretty much guarantee the longevity of your swimsuit and prevent the fabric colour from fading. Storing your swimming suits well is also important. Never hang your costumes up, as they will stretch. We recommend rolling your costumes into long tubes or squares and storing them in a clean drawer or in a basket.

How Comfort Fabric Softener Can Keep Your Swimwear Feeling Soft and New?

Comfort Fabric Conditioners use Encapsulated Fragrance Technology to keep clothing, such as swimwear, fresh and soft. Micro-sized fragrance capsules penetrate the fabric fibres and allow them to soften as they soak in. The capsules also remain in the fibres, breaking and releasing as you wear your costume again which releases bursts of fragrance and freshness.

If you weren’t convinced already, here are a few more reasons why you should be using Comfort for all your clothing care needs. Read our blog on Reasons Why It’s Smarter To Use Concentrated Fabric Conditioner now.

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FAQs on Caring for Swimwear

How can I prolong the life of my swimsuit?

There are few tips you can follow to ensure the longevity and softness of your swimwear, one of the most important is to hand wash your swimming clothes instead of putting them in a washing machine.

Why do swimsuits get crunchy?

If they are not probably rinsed, washed, and soaked with fabric conditioner, they can become rough, crunchy and faded.

Should you use fabric softener on swimwear?

You should use a fabric conditioner like Comfort to help soften and protect your swimwear.

How often should fabric softener be used on swimsuits?

You should use a fabric conditioner every time you wash your swimwear, and you can even soak it in warm water with fabric conditioner for added softness after every use.

Do swimsuits get looser when using fabric softener?

No, if used correctly, swimwear will only soften but not stretch out when using fabric conditioner.

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