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How To Use Fabric Softener

Do you want to make sure your clothes stay super soft & comfortable? It's important to use fabric conditioner correctly, find out how with our useful guide.


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how to use fabric softener
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Using a fabric softener (also known as fabric conditioner) like Comfort has many benefits. A fabric softener infuses your clothes with fresh scents and – as the name suggests – makes your clothes feel soft to touch.

There are additional benefits to using fabric softener too including reducing the static clinginess of your clothes which is a particular problem in winter. Fabric softener can also help the fabric to dry quicker and make your clothes easier to iron.

There are, however, a couple of tricks to get the best out of your fabric softener, as well as some important things to avoid. Here then is a quick guide to how to get the best out of your fabric softener.

Fabric conditioner can make your clothes smell clean and fresh ­– but remember to follow the directions on the label when you are using it. If you use too much, it won’t have the same effect!

How to Use Fabric Softener

There are different ways to use fabric conditioner, depending on if you are using a fully automatic washing machine, a semi automatic washing machine, or if you are washing your clothes by hand. Always be sure to read the directions on the label of your fabric softener, and check the care labels of your clothes before using it.

Always remember to follow the directions on the label when you are using it. If you use too much, it won’t have the same effect!

Using Fabric Softener in Fully Automatic Washing Machines

  1. In most automatic washing machines, there is a separate section for fabric softener but in some cases, it might be in the same compartment as the detergent. Be sure to check your machine manual for where to put the fabric softener in.

  2. Most fabric softeners are in liquid form and generally come with a measuring cup or in a sachet.

  3. Fill the cup according to the instructions on the label of the bottle: adjust the amount of fabric conditioner you use according to the size of the load.

  4. Pour the fabric softener from the cup into the relevant drawer, and the machine will add the softener into the wash during the rinse cycle.

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Using Fabric Softener in Semi Automatic Washing Machines

If you’re using a semi-automatic washing machine, then you just need to add the correct amount of fabric conditioner to the last rinse.

use fabric softener

Using Fabric Softener when Washing by Hand

If you’re washing by hand, you can still use fabric conditioner at the end of the washing process. Add the recommended amount of fabric conditioner into a bucket of clean water for the final rinse. Let the clothes soak in the bucket for five minutes, and then remove the clothes. You don’t need to rinse the clothes again – just hang them up to dry!

What to Avoid When Using Fabric Softener

It’s important to follow the directions on the label whenever using fabric softener – this way, you can be sure that you will get the best results.

Don’t let fabric softener come directly into contact with clothes, as it could stain and spot them.

There you have it! Clean, soft, and fluffy towels with minimal effort!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fabric softener good for your clothes?

Using a fabric softener is a good idea for clothes because it can make them softer to touch and reduce static cling. It can also help make the fabric dry quicker and crease less.

What is the best way to use fabric softener?

Always follow the instructions on the fabric softener bottle for how much of the softener to use. Also make sure to put the fabric softener in the right dispenser when using a washing machine.

Should you use fabric softener every time?

You absolutely can use fabric softener every time you do a load of washing. Just be sure to make sure the fabrics you’re washing can tolerate it and that you’re following the right washing instructions.

Can you put fabric softener straight into the washing machine?

It really depends on the type of washing machine you own. Some machines have a separate dispenser for fabric softener, whilst others require you to put the softener in the same dispenser as the detergent.

How does fabric softener work?

Fabric softener works by penetrating and softening the fibres of fabric. It allows the fabric to remain soft and also infuses the fabric fibres with the gentle scent of the softener too.

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