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Fabric Conditioner Tips for Clothing Care

Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your clothing in order to get the best results? Make your clothes last longer and smell fresher, when you use the Comfort range of fabric conditioners with every wash.


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Fabric Conditioner Tips for Clothing Care
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When you use fabric softeners as part of your daily clothing care regime, you’ll be investing in keeping your clothes in good condition for longer. Comfort’s fabric conditioner range in every wash helps to prevent fading, shrinking, and other damage that can occur to the fibres of the clothing during the wash cycle.

Other care for clothing benefits of using a fabric conditioner like Comfort with every wash is that it helps clothing to have less static, keeps it softer, and makes it easier to iron.

Let’s take a look at the Comfort range of products now and why using a clothes conditioner with every wash is the best way to get great results.

The Comfort Core Range

The Comfort Core range of fabric conditioners includes;

The Comfort Perfume Deluxe Range

The Comfort Perfume Deluxe range of fabric conditioners includes;

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Now that you know what’s on offer, here are some tips on caring for clothes using fabric conditioners.

How to Wash Clothes with a Fabric Conditioner?

When it comes to Comfort clothes conditioners, the key to getting the best quality and results from this product range is to use a cap full with every wash. Whether you wash your clothes in a washing machine or by hand, using a cap of fabric conditioner from Comfort will ensure that your clothing stays softer and in a good condition for longer.

Add a cap full of fabric conditioner to the correct dispensing tray in your washing machine or, if you’re washing by hand, wash and rinse your clothing first and then add the cap full of conditioner to clean water and let your clothes soak for a few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Clothing Care

Is fabric conditioner good for clothes?

Fabric conditioner certainly is good for your clothes as it can protect your clothes from fading and shrinking right down to the fibre level.

How do you wash clothes with a fabric conditioner?

Simply add a cap full of conditioner to your washing machine dispenser or to clean, warm water after washing (if washing by hand).

Is fabric conditioner necessary?

We think it’s absolutely necessary because it helps to make your clothes softer, less static and easier to iron. Plus, Comfort adds long-lasting bursts of fragrance to your clothing, giving you a lovely scent that can be smelled for days after they’ve been washed.

How often should you use fabric softener?

A fabric softener or conditioner can and should be used with every wash.

Is it OK to wash clothes without fabric softener?

It is ok to do so, however you won’t get the same results from your clothing. If you don’t use a fabric conditioner your clothes won’t be as soft and can potentially fade or shrink more.

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