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How to Wash and Dry Screen Printed T-Shirts?

It’s the bright and bold t-shirts from that unforgettable festival, those custom-made concert tees and your favourite, signed, screen-printed shirt from that huge sporting event. Whatever the occasion, the chances are that you have at least one or two screen-printed shirts that serve as the perfect reminder of those magical memories you don’t want to forget.


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How to Wash and Dry Screen Printed T-Shirts?

Unfortunately, though, while you may love that screen-printed shirt from your favourite band's last concert, caring for your t-shirt to ensure that it lasts and lasts, can be hard.

At Cleanipedia, we understand how you won’t want to let go of your screen-printed shirt from that convention where you met the love of your life all those years ago. We also understand the importance and impact of clothing care. So, we’ve put together 8 tips to help you wash and dry your screen-printed t-shirts the right way, so that you can hold onto those memories and look great in t-shirts that look brand new. So read on!

The Right Way to Wash Your Screen-Printed T-Shirts

  • Wash Your T-Shirt Inside Out - You should always wash your screen print t-shirt inside out to help prevent fading and pilling, and other garments from rubbing against and wearing away at your awesome print. So wash your shirt inside out to keep the colours bright and bold and the screen print looking perfect.

  • Be gentle - As much as possible, always gently hand wash your screen-printed shirts as this is the safest way to wash them to avoid damaging the print. But if you can’t, then simply choose the gentle cycle on your washing machine to ensure a gentle wash that won’t be too harsh on your print and cause it to crack or fade.

  • Go for cold - Washing your custom shirt in hot water can cause it to shrink and fade, and it wears away at your print which can cause it to crack and peel. So, wash your shirt with cold water, whether hand washing or washing in a machine.

  • Use a detergent that cares - To keep your screen-printing t-shirt design looking like new, use a detergent that cares for your clothing, like Skip! With Fibre Protection technology, no matter the garment, Skip keeps it spotlessly clean and looking new, wash after wash. Skip’s washing powder and liquid detergent protect the fibres in your clothing that get worn away over time and with washing. Choose Skip to keep any of your screen-printing clothing looking pristine.

The Right Way to Dry Your Screen-Printed T-Shirts

  1. Air dry - Air drying is the best way to dry your screen print t-shirt because it enables you to avoid shrinkage and damage from the heat of a machine ruining your much-loved shirt. So ideally, you should hang your t-shirt to dry outside, but not in direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can place it in front of a fan to dry if you don’t have an outside hanging space.

  2. Hang rather than peg - Ideally you should hang your t-shirt on a thick plastic hanger rather than using clothes pegs as the pegs can leave peg shapes in your shirt once it dries.

  3. Turn it inside out to tumble dry - If you can’t air dry and only have access to a tumble dryer, that’s fine. Just be sure to turn your tee inside out to prevent pilling and any of your other clothes from rubbing against the print on your shirt.

  4. Go low - Even when you’re tumble drying, you need to avoid heat when drying your printed shirt to avoid shrinkage, damage, and fading of your print. Choose the lowest heat setting on your machine and try to remove your shirt from the machine a few minutes before the cycle ends.

Keep your screen-printed t-shirt as bold and bright as the memories you made in them, with the brilliant cleaning power and fibre protective technology of Skip, a detergent that cares for your clothing.

FAQs on Washing Dry Screen Printed Shirts

How do you dry screen print shirts at home?

Air drying your screen print shirts on a thick plastic hanger is the best way to dry them safely at home.

How long do screen-printed shirts need to dry?

After washing, allow your screen-printed shirt between 2 to 4 hours to completely air dry on a hot day.

How do you treat newly printed t-shirts?

With newly printed t-shirts, it’s essential to let the ink properly cure onto the shirt fabric for at least 24 hours before you wash it. Then follow our tips to wash and dry your custom shirt and keep it looking new.

Will screen printed t-shirt’s ink wash out after the first wash?

No, if you allow the ink to cure properly onto your t-shirt fabric, it should not wash out.

How many washes do screen print t-shirts last?

This depends on the type of fabric your t-shirt is made of, and the type of ink used to make the print design. To keep your screen-printed shirt looking like new for years, wash your shirt using Skip detergent. With Fibre Protect technology, it will help protect the fibres in your t-shirt to keep it looking tip top.

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