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Preserve Your Graduation Dress with Fabric Conditioner

After all the time and hard work put in, most people want to make sure that their graduation gown lasts for years to come. However, when you don’t know the best techniques to care for your graduation gown to preserve it and keep it looking great, your gown may become prone to wear and tear.


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Preserve Your Graduation Dress with Fabric Conditioner

To keep your graduation gown looking grad-ready and preserve the colour and quality of the garment, try these tips using Comfort’s range of fabric conditioners to keep your clothes looking fantastic.

Give Your Graduation Gown the Best Care

From machine washing and sunlight exposure to natural wear and tear, there are so many factors that can affect the look and feel of your graduation dress. But fortunately, with a high-quality fabric softener like Comfort and our tips, you can preserve your graduation dress and keep it looking and feeling its best for longer. Here’s how.

Why Comfort Can Help Preserve Your Grad Gown

#1 – With Pro-Fibre technology, Comfort’s fabric conditioner range helps to prevent fading, shrinking, and other damage to the fibres of your laundry items during the wash cycle, for clothes that look like new for longer and smell delightful.

#2 - Fabric conditioners like Comfort also help to protect delicate fabrics through the thin layer of lubrication the conditioner creates on the fabric fibres. This layer helps make the fibres less likely to rub against each other and damage the clothing. Which is great for delicate fabrics like those often used in graduation dresses.

#3 - Including a Comfort fabric conditioner when you wash your grad gown will help your garment to have less static and maintain its shape for longer, keep it super soft, and make it easier to iron.

#4 - The Pro-Fibre technology in Comfort’s fabric conditioners help to keep the colours of your garments bright and bold. This, all to help your graduation gown look like it’s straight from the store for much longer.

How to Keep Your Grad Dress Looking Great With Comfort

With all fabrics, when it comes to washing, a golden rule is to always begin by checking the care label instructions, to guide you on the best ways to clean your garments. If the care label on your graduation dress does allow you to use fabric conditioner, then go ahead and grab your favourite bottle of Comfort.

To use Comfort fabric conditioner when hand washing your graduation dress: After washing your gown, you can let it soak in cold water with half a cup of comfort (depending on the dosage instructions) for a few minutes before hanging your gown to dry.

To use Comfort fabric conditioner to wash your gown with a washing machine: Depending on the dosage instructions, add a capful of fabric softener to your washing machine during the final rinse cycle.

Hang your dress to dry in a cool and dry area and iron only if necessary. Then enjoy the blissful scents of Comfort fabric conditioner bursting from your gown.

With the incredible Comfort fabric conditioner range, you’ve got the perfect product to preserve your graduation dress and keep it looking, feeling, and smelling amazing for longer.

So, choose Comfort to protect and preserve your garments and transform every item of clothing into your favourite keepsake!

FAQs on Graduation Dress Care

How do I use fabric conditioner to preserve my graduation dress?

Including a quality fabric conditioner with exceptional pro-fibre technology, like those in the Comfort range, when you wash your graduation dress will help to preserve your gown. The pro-fibre technology protects the fibres of your clothing as you wash them.

Can I use any type of fabric conditioner on my graduation dress?

We recommend you use any of the delightful variants in the Comfort Fabric Conditioner range to keep your graduation dress looking, feeling and smelling amazing for longer.

Is fabric conditioner safe for all types of graduation dresses?

Comfort’s range of fabric conditioners are formulated with Pro-Fibre technology to protect and preserve the fibres of a wide variety of materials. So, Comfort should be perfect for your graduation dresses but check the care label instructions on your items before using any fabric conditioner.

What are some other tips for preserving my graduation dress?

To preserve your graduation dress, after each wear it’s good practice to leave your gown to hang on a hanger for a few days before storing it in a breathable garment bag. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight exposure too to preserve your gown.

How often should I use fabric conditioner on my graduation dress?

When it comes to how often to use fabric softener, that depends, because ideally you should try and keep washing your graduation gown to a minimum to preserve it. But when you do wash your dress, you can use Comfort fabric conditioner towards the end of the rinse cycle.

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