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How to Prepare Your Home for a Virus Outbreak

Taking coronavirus precautions starts with some simple and basic home hygiene habits.


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How to prepare your home for a virus outbreak
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Good hygiene has been widely reported as a vital way of coronavirus precaution. As much as we may be aware of doing this when we’re out, keeping this top of mind when we’re at home is equally important. This is because viruses are known to survive on surfaces for days. Follow these cleaning tips to help properly disinfect your home.

First Clean, then Disinfect Surfaces

To start off your cleaning routine, you want to give your surfaces a proper clean. Ordinary household cleaners are usually adequate to remove common germs. Afterward, dilute a few drops of Domestos thick bleach (follow manufacturer’s instructions) in water to disinfect surfaces. These will help to attack any leftover germs and will reduce your risk of infection.

Wear Gloves When Cleaning

Use disposable gloves whenever you clean a blocked shower drain as well as other areas around your home. Throw them away after using (carefully removing them so that you do not contaminate your hands). If you are using reusable gloves, clean them thoroughly and don’t use them for any other tasks other than cleaning. Either way, wash your hands after taking off your gloves

Target High-Touch Surfaces

Scan through your home to identify items that you and your family come into contact with daily. Think door handles, light switches, stair railings, kitchen surfaces, taps, toilets, and sinks. Don’t forget things like your wallet, phone, and keys. Use a solution of Domestos thick bleach and water with a sponge or cloth to clean and disinfect those items.

Don’t Forget Your Electronics

Cell phones, remote controls, and computer keyboards are well-known for collecting germs. However, using harsh products and sprays may damage these devices, so be mindful of this when you clean. Remember to switch them off and unplug them before you clean. Dampen a microfibre cloth by dipping in a solution of soap and water to clean your phone. Some computer screens don’t take kindly to certain products– check your manufacturer’s recommendations. Use disinfectant wipes that are not overly moist (you want to prevent liquid from leaking between the keys), and that can be used on the keyboard.

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Maintain a Routine

Make a habit of taking off your shoes (yes, footwear carries germs) before you enter the house. Also, remember to wash your hands as soon as you arrive home. This is the time to give everything you left the home with– your purse, keys, wallet, or phone– a clean, too. Keep hand sanitiser and tissues ready for your family to travel with when they leave the house. Try to establish a good hygiene routine for every member of the family.

When dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it can be reassuring to remember that a simple approach has been proven to be best. Health experts all agree that the most effective coronavirus prevention is to follow the same basic personal hygiene practices we follow every cold and flu season.

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