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Lemon Cleaning Benefits Explained

Imagine the gentle, clean smell of lemons wafting through your home? When you use Handy Andy Lemon Cleaning Cream, the 100% biodegradable fragrance will scent your home, allowing the smell of lemon to gently hang in the air but never overwhelm it.


Handy Andy Lemon Cleaning Cream

Here’s more on the lemon cleaning benefits and why it is one of nature’s most powerful cleaning agents. We’ll also tell you all about the benefits of using Handy Andy Lemon Cleaning Cream to keep your home clean and shining, all year round.

Nature’s Cleaning Agent 

In nature, lemon is one of the strongest cleaners available. The acidity of lemons allows it to naturally break-down stains like grease in the kitchen and limescale in bathrooms. Lemon cleaning has been used for centuries and many homemakers still use the juice of lemons as a cleaning agent.

Lemon benefits not only include cleaning but include health benefits too, as lemons have been proven to improve digestive health, support the heart and help reduce the risk of cancer.

Handy Andy Lemon Cleaning Cream Benefits 

Instead of using lemons, you can just use lemon-scented cleaning products like Handy Andy Cleaning Creams in Lemon fragrance. Handy Andy Lemon Cream has improved the formulation of the range with better cleaning and grease removal properties thanks to the naturally derived cleaning particles in the cream. 

Here’s why Handy Andy Lemon Cleaning Cream is one of the best grease removers on the market:

  • Millions of micro-crystals penetrate grease and dirt and will remove it from the surface 

  • The new texture of the formulation leaves no harmful residue behind requires less rinsing and leaves surfaces shining 

  • Gently fragrances surfaces in the home without being overwhelming 

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How to use Handy Andy Lemon Cream?

Now that you know the top lemon cream benefits, here’s how to use it: 

  1. In the kitchen, use it to clean spills, grease, and burnt-on food on surfaces, stoves, microwaves, ovens, fridges, and more 

  2. Wipe down counters, walls, and tiles with the cream cleaner and you can even wipe down appliances with it too 

  3. In the bathroom, clean your bath, toilet, basin, showers, and tiled surfaces with the cleaning cream For more floor and surface cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Handy Andy Lemon Cream?

Handy Andy Lemon Cleaning Cream is a powerful cream cleaner that can be used on all surfaces in your home that need a good clean and shine, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

How does Handy Andy Lemon Cream work?

Innovative micro-crystals that are naturally derived in the cream penetrate the dirt and grease to break it down and remove it. When you allow the cream to work, it breaks down the dirt, lifting off the surface and when you wipe it off, the dirt comes with.

Do I Need Fresh Lemons for Cleaning Grease and Stains in the House?

No, simply use Handy Andy Lemon Scented Cream to penetrate grease and dirt in your kitchen and bathroom areas and leave your home gently scented with a lemon fragrance that is 100% biodegradable.

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