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How to Soften Your Bed Sheets

Who can sleep well when you get into a bed and the sheets are scratchy and stiff, right? When this happens to sheets it’s not only uncomfortable but highly annoying too.


How to Soften Your Sheets

Thankfully, there is a simple laundry solution to turning rough, scratchy sheets into soft, calm pieces of pure pleasure in no time at all, and it’s called a fabric softener.

Comfort fabric softeners are the answer to the question of how to soften your sheets. Not only does Comfort soften the fabric of the sheets but it will also give them a fresh and long-lasting scent like never before.

Let’s look at why sheets get scratched in the first place and why use a fabric softener to prevent that from happening in the first place.

Why Do Sheets Get Scratchy, Rough, and Stiff?

Sheets can get scratched, bumpy and stiff over time. This is more likely to happen if you’re not using the right laundry detergents, including fabric softener, when washing them. Here’s what happens:

  • Laundry detergent residue can build up on the sheets leaving them with that stiff feeling.

  • If you don’t use a fabric conditioner at all, the fabric fibres can become brittle, leaving them feeling scratchy.

  • Overtime bobbles and pilling starts forming on the sheets creating a surface that can feel rough. Luckily, Comfort fabric conditioners can help stop bobbling.

What Should You Use to Get Your Sheets Feeling Soft and Smelling Fresh?

If you want to get older sheets feeling soft and smooth again, or you want to keep new sheets that way, we highly recommend using one of the Comfort fabric conditioner fragrances for the best results.

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Comfort fabric softeners are formulated to penetrate fibre fabric to protect them and make them softer and more malleable. This process in turn protects the fibres and makes the entire fabric feel smoother and softer to the touch.

Avoid making common mistakes when using a fabric conditioner by following the tips in our Common Fabric Softener Mistakes You Need To Avoid blog now.

How to Make Scratchy Sheets Soft?

There are essentially four easy steps to making your scratchy sheets silky soft. Here they are:

Step #1 – Wash On Hot

Wash your sheets – remembering to keep colours together and whites separate too – on the hottest cycle possible in your washing machine. Remember to use a good laundry detergent as well as your favourite Comfort fabric conditioner fragrance.

Step #2 – Rinse Again

Run the sheets through an additional rinse cycle to remove any residue that might have been left over from previous washes.

Step #3 – Dry Well

Ideally, you want to hang your sheets outside to air dry in natural sunlight. If the weather is bad or you don’t have an outdoor area for washing, you can also dry your sheets in the tumble dryer. Be sure to take out the dryer sheet to prevent the sheets from stiffening up.

Why You Should Use Comfort Fabric Softener for Your Sheets?

Comfort is one of the most well-known fabric softener brands in South Africa, and they have a reputation that has been going on for generations. Comfort offers these great benefits in every wash:

  • A wide variety of fragrances will leave your sheets both beautifully scented and smelling fresher for longer.

  • They care for your sheets to prevent bobbling and prevent roughness.

  • They offer colour-care properties to lock in the vibrant colours of your clothing and sheets.

  • They prevent sheets from wrinkling, making them easier to iron.

  • They lessen the amount of static build-up on the sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bed Sheet Care

Why do my sheets feel rough after washing?

If you have not used a fabric conditioner when washing your sheets that protects the fibres and softens the fabric, they can become rough.

How do you wash sheets, so they stay soft for longer?

We recommend that you add Comfort Fabric Conditioners to your washing process.

Do sheets get softer the more you wash them with a fabric softener?

If you wash your sheets regularly with Comfort fabric conditioner, they should remain soft and smell fresh after washing.

Why are my 1000 thread count sheets not soft?

You need to assess whether the laundry detergents and fabric conditioners are right for you then. We recommend that you start using Comfort fabric softener.

Should I use fabric softener on bed sheets?

Yes, you should! Using Comfort fabric conditioner on your bed sheets will make them soft, lock in the colour, prevent them from getting rough, stop them from bobbling, and keep them smelling fresh.

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