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Common Fabric Softener Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Do you want to avoid fabric softener mistakes? Read more.


Common Fabric Softener Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Fabric Softener Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Using a fabric softener should only bring beneficial results to you and your clothing. If you aren't getting good results, perhaps you are making one of the common mistakes people often make when using clothes softener.

Let’s take a look at the common laundry mistakes to avoid when using fabric softeners and how to use your fabric conditioner properly to get the best results.

Fabric Softener

What are the Most Common Fabric Softener Mistakes to Avoid?

There are a few absolute must-avoids when washing your clothing with fabric softener, whether you use a washing machine or wash by hand. Here are the top laundry mistakes to avoid to ensure you get the best use out of your laundry softener.

Mistake 1 - Stained Clothing

Are your clothes coming out with blue-ish or even brownish stains on them? This could be because you are not using the specified dose to your laundry . Always make sure that you follow your washing machine or hand washing instructions. Avoid making the mistake of pouring fabric softener directly on your clothes.

Mistake 2 - Putting Fabric Softener Directly onto Clothing

Never put fabric softener directly onto your clothing. It is not formulated to be used directly on fabric but should always be diluted into water with the clothing. It is best to pour your softener into the correct dispenser in your washing machine or dilute it in water if hand washing.

Mistake 3 - Overloading Your Washing Machine

When you overload your washing machine, it prevents the fabric softener as well as the laundry liquid from dispersing properly. This could result in the softener not reaching through and into all the garments and potentially causing patching or staining.

Mistake 4 – Never Cleaning Your Dispenser

When you use a washing machine, it’s really important to clean your dispensing tray regularly. This is where you place your laundry liquid and fabric softener and it can become dirty, clogged and mouldy. When it clogs, it can prevent the detergent from reaching your clothes properly and the mould could get dispensed into the drum as well.

How to Use a Fabric Softener?

When it comes to getting the best results from your fabric softener, you need to start with using a trusted fabric softener product. At Cleanipedia we love the Comfort range of fabric softeners. Comfort has a range of different concentrated softener products which are ideal for absolutely everyone in the family. Here is a quick how-to guide on using one of the Comfort softener products:

  1. Pour one cap (40ml) of Comfort Concentrated Fabric Softener into the correct drawer dispenser in your washing machine. Although Comfort is a concentrate, you don't dilute it to use.

For hand washing, pour one cap (20ml) of concentrated fabric softener into a bucket of water for a regular load of washing.

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