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How to Use Fabric Conditioner: Tips for Keeping Clothes Clean & Soft

Using fabric softener is a great way to keep clothes soft, but do you know these tricks to get the most out of your fabric softener? Read on for more info!


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The general virtues of fabric softener (also known as fabric conditioner) are well known: they infuse your clothes with a fresh scent and – as the name suggests – they make your clothes soft. They also protect your clothes from wear and tear. There are additional benefits to using fabric softener: it reduces the static clinginess of your clothes; and can also help fabric dry quicker; and make clothes easier to iron. There are, however, a couple of tricks to get the best out of your fabric softener, as well as some important things to avoid. Here then is a quick guide to how to get the best out of your fabric softener.

Fabric conditioners come in a variety of exciting fragrances and using a good quality fabric conditioner like Comfort Concentrate can keep your clothes smelling fresh for weeks. Fabric conditioner also makes fibers smoother so that they’re soft and gentle on your skin.

How to Use Fabric Softener

  1. In most washing machines, fabric softener should be added to a part of the drawer where you add detergent and bleach – the location of the fabric softener section can vary between machines, so be sure to check your washing machine’s manual.

  2. Most fabric softeners are in liquid form and generally come with a measuring cup.

  3. Fill the cup according to the instructions on the label of the bottle: adjust the amount of fabric conditioner you use according to the size of the load.

  4. Pour the fabric softener from the cup into the relevant drawer, and the machine will add the softener into the wash during the rinse cycle.

What to Avoid When Using Fabric Softener

  • Don’t let fabric softener come directly into contact with clothes, as it will stain and spot them.

How to Keep Towels Soft

Using fabric softener is a great way to keep towels soft! Just follow the directions on the label, and you will have soft and fluffy towels.

However, you do not need to use fabric softener every time you wash your towels. Fabric softeners can reduce the absorbency of towels; so in order to keep them fluffy and absorbent at the same time, use in every other wash.

There you have it! Clean, soft, and fluffy towels with minimal effort!

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