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How to fix a burnt carpet

Read on to find out our top tips for how to fix a burnt carpet for small or larger burns.


By Cleanipedia Team

Unfortunately, burn marks on a carpet from an iron or a heat styling tool are not stains that can be easily washed away. Read on for our top tips on how to fix a burnt carpet to minimise the appearance of marks on your carpet.

While this guide can help fix carpet burns, a severely burnt carpet may need replacing.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Vacuum
  • Comb
  • Sandpaper

How to get burns out of carpet when they’re minimal

There are four easy steps for how to repair burnt carpet when it is only a small burn mark.

  1. Smooth the area with sandpaper

    First, use the sandpaper to smooth the area with the burn mark.

  2. Vacuum the debris

    Vacuum dust and debris away from the area.

  3. Cut away any blackened carpet

    Use the scissors to cut away any remaining blackened carpet fibres.

  4. Comb the area to blend in

    Finally, comb the area to blend the fibres with the rest of the carpet.

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How to get burn marks out of carpet across a larger area

Understanding how to get an iron burn out of a carpet takes a little more time and effort. Follow this simple guide to remove an iron mark on your carpet. 

What do you need?

  • Vacuum 

  • Utility knife

  • A matching carpet scrap 

  • Scissors

  • Carpet tape

  • Comb

Removing and replacing the burnt area:

  1. Clean up any loose debris with your vacuum.

  2. Using the utility knife, carefully remove the burnt section of carpet. While you want to remove the burnt area, try to avoid cutting the padding beneath.

  3. Using the piece you have removed as a pattern, cut the carpet scrap to size. Ensure you line up any patterns to match the carpet you are replacing.

  4. Vacuum the section you removed the carpet from.

  5. Apply carpet tape to the padding below the area you cut out.

  6. Line up your carpet scrap and press firmly in place.

  7. After leaving the area to set for a few hours, gently comb it to blend the carpet scrap with the existing carpeting.

How to fix a burnt carpet

If you have carpet in your home, you know how important it is to take good care of it. But sometimes, accidents happen - from an iron on the floor to dropping your heated hair straightener, many day-to-day activities can leave a burn mark on your carpet. And while treating a mark left by a burn is very different from treating a stain, there's no need to panic. To fix a burnt carpet in your home a little work is needed to get your carpet back to looking new. So, if you've got a little scorch mark or a full-on iron burn on the carpet, don't despair. With these methods, you can improve, disguise or maybe even remove the mark altogether.

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