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How to get biro off leather

Biro can be very handy – until it ends up on your leather furniture or accessories. Find out how to get biro off leather sofas, surfaces and accessories here!


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By Cleanipedia Team

getting biro off leather
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Key steps

  • Start to get biro off leather as soon as possible.

  • Always spot-check your product choice to ensure it doesn’t cause further damage.

  • Use a commercial cleaner.

  • In lieu of commercial cleaners, use washing-up liquid or white vinegar.

You’re lounging on the sofa, doing some household admin, when your pen cracks or rolls under the cushions – and now you need to find out how to get biro off a leather sofa, ASAP. A biro stain can be a headache, but if you know what to do, you can restore leather material to its spotless best easily. Here’s how to remove biro from leather furniture and other items.

To prevent any further damage, take care to test your chosen stain removal method on an inconspicuous spot first prior to working on the biro stain.

How to get biro off a leather sofa: simple methods for getting biro off leather

You want to start tacklinga biro stain as soon as possible. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to remove biro from leather:

  1. If there is a lot of spilled ink on the surface of your leather, first dab up the excess with a paper towel.

  2. Before you use it to get biro off leather, do a spot check with your chosen product on an inconspicuous section.

  3. If possible, use a commercial leather cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for these products.

  4. If you don’t have a commercial cleaner, you can use washing-up liquid or white vinegar to get biro off leather. Follow the instructions below.

  5. After the stain has gone, dab with a cloth or paper towel and leave the leather to air-dry.

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How to get biro out of leather with household products

  • Washing-up liquid isn’t just for dishes; you can use it to get biro off leather surfaces, too.

    1. Use warm water to dampen a soft cloth.

    2. Add a couple of drops of washing-up liquid to the cloth.

    3. Starting at the outside, rub at the stain gently, working inwards to the centre.

    4. Rinse out the soft cloth using clean, fresh water, and repeat the steps as necessary.

    5. Rinse the cloth again, squeeze dry, and use the clean, damp cloth to wipe up any soapy residue remains.

  • White vinegar is also a good solution for how to get biro off leather.

    1. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water.

    2. Dip a clean, soft cloth into the solution.

    3. Rub at the biro stain with a circular motion.

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Once you’ve mastered how to get biro out of leather, learn how to take care of it with our guide to the best cleaning methods for leather. You’ll have your favourite sofa spotless and glowing again in no time.

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