How to get milk smell out of carpet

The old saying goes that you shouldn’t cry over spilt milk, but when it is on your carpeted floor at home you will want to know how to get rid of milk smell from carpet and how best to clean your carpet. Here you will find tips for how to get milk smell out of carpet and treat any stains left behind.

24 June 2019

get rid of milk smell from your carpet
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Top tips for getting rid of spilt milk smell on your carpet

There are a few tips you should know before you learn methods to remove the sour milk smell in house carpets.

  1. Always soak up excess liquid first using a clean towel.
  2. Never rub at a stain as this will push it further into the fibres.
  3. Always blot at the stain to lift as much as possible before cleaning.
 Open a window and put some fresh-cut flowers in a vase in the room where the stain is to get it back to smelling great – maybe even better than before! You can also use potpourri or a scented candle.

How to get rid of spilt milk smell on carpet using coffee

There are three main ways to lift the smell of spilt milk from your carpet. The first method of removing the smell you could try has two simple steps:

  1. Sprinkle some fresh and unused ground coffee directly over the area that is causing the smell. Coffee grounds should help to soak up the smell fast.
  2. Hoover up the coffee grounds once they have absorbed the liquid and the smell (give it an hour or two).

How to get rid of spilt milk smell on carpet using vinegar

The second method you could try to get rid of the spilt milk smell is to follow these three steps using vinegar.

  1. Spray vinegar directly onto the stain and leave it to sit for half an hour.
  2. Blot the stain using a clean cloth, or hold a steam cleaner over the area.
  3. Leave the area to dry. As it does so the vinegar smell will slowly disappear, as will the smell of spilt milk.

How to get rid of milk smell from carpet using washing up liquid and baking soda

The third and final method you could use to get rid of the milk smell in your carpet is using washing up liquid and baking soda.

  1. Make up a homemade cleaning solution using two cups of warm water and one teaspoon of bleach-free washing up liquid.
  2. Use a sponge to apply your solution to the area causing the smell.
  3. Next, pour baking soda directly onto the carpet where the spilt milk smell is.
  4. Leave the baking soda overnight.
  5. Use a small brush to clean up the baking soda the following morning, then vacuum the area thoroughly.

Whichever method you choose to use, be sure to do a spot test first in an area not usually on view, to ensure that your carpet doesn’t react badly to the cleaning. If the smell persists even after trying these methods at home, you can always call a professional who will be able to advise and get the job done for you.

Now you know how to get the smell of milk out of carpet fibres, you are prepared for any accidents that may happen in your home, and have all the tips you need to make sure your carpet is clean, stainless and free of smells.

  • Always do a spot test on an unseen part of your carpet to check you won’t cause additional damage.
  • Repeat your cleaning method if necessary until the smell is completely gone.
  • Work out any excess stains left on your carpet with carpet cleaner and a small, soft brush.