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6 creative, fun and alternative Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Discover brilliant DIY gift wrap ideas that will wow your family and friends this festive season.


By Cleanipedia Team

presents wrapped with ribbons and colored papers

With so many designs on the market, it’s easy to buy your rolls of Christmas wrapping paper on a 3-for-2 offer without giving it much thought. But why not make your gift wrapping really stand out? It’s much easier to do than you might think (as well as being more sustainable and budget-friendly): find out how to wrap a gift in a memorable way with our personalised gift wrap ideas.

Decorate the wrapping paper yourself

If you’ve got artistic talent, then use it. There’s nothing stopping you from getting some good-quality plain craft paper, a variety of coloured marker pens (metallic ones look particularly festive) and letting your creativity run wild. As an example, using a white marker on black gives a brilliant chalkboard effect and the result is bound to stand out from the other presents.

This may take a bit of time but whoever is receiving your gift will definitely appreciate it (at least until they unwrap it and realise you’ve given them a lump of coal).

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Get stamping

You probably haven’t owned a rubber stamp since your stationery-mad phase as a teenager – so now’s the perfect excuse to relive your youth. You could go for a festive shape such as a reindeer, get a personalised one made with your family’s names on it, or just keep it simple – if you wanted to go for a polka dot design, for example, you could even use the eraser end of a pencil.

Use plain, neutral-coloured paper to make your stamps really stand out. A red or a green paint will make it look undoubtedly festive while white gives a subtle nod to the snowy season.

Go for a typography theme

If you’re a lover of fonts (or the recipient is), cut out the letters of their name in the typeface of your choice and stick to the wrapping paper. Again, you could go for festive colours or metallics against a plain background – or you could use newspaper print to add even more type in there. If you’re gifted with beautiful handwriting or have amazing calligraphy skills, why not create your own wrapping paper? Simply invest in a calligraphy pen and write festive messaging all over some good-quality plain wrapping paper. If you have the skills, it’ll look sophisticated as well as festive. If you want to write in a straight line, use a ruler and pencil to mark out faint lines to ensure it’s super neat.

This theme can go beyond the wrapping paper too: using some card, cut out the first initial of the recipient and use this as a gift tag. If you have more than one present for somebody, indicate what order you’d like the gifts to be opened by using numbers rather than letters.

Bundle up with a snowman

Got three presents for one person? You can bundle them up in the form of a cute snowman.

Put each gift in a box (one smaller than the other two) and wrap in plain white paper (make sure you do it neatly by following one of the many ‘how to gift wrap a box’ tutorials online). Stack them in size order with the largest at the bottom, add a few buttons to one side of the bottom two boxes then cut out the eyes, nose and mouth using black and orange craft foam to stick on the top one. Pile them up, use a wide festive ribbon for the ‘scarf’ and you have a gift bundle that will delight as well as stand out.

Decorate with foraged foliage

This is a beautiful way to round off your gift wrap. Simply tucking a stick of holly, eucalyptus or pine into your string or ribbon can add an earthy feel (as well as a subtle scent). Use a little glue if you’re unable to keep the foliage in place. Want some extra sparkle? Add on a couple of glittery ‘reindeer’ bells (similar to what you get on a cat’s collar) to give your present a spot of jingle.

Add photographs

A Polaroid-style photograph, either of your family or your recipient, is another cute way of personalising your gift wrap – just tuck it into the ribbon or stick on in place of a gift tag. For a retro effect, an old black-and-white photograph is bound to raise a few smiles. If you want to be eco-friendly this Christmas (and also find out about how to wrap your present with fabric using a Japanese gift wrapping technique) – take a look at our 6 brilliant ways to upcycle for the festive period and festive and eco-friendly gift wrapping hacks.

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