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How to Remove Fabric Softener Stains From Clothes

Over time, it is common for build-up of detergents and softeners to occur on your clothes, leaving them stained and looking less then ideal. The misconception is that once there is fabric softener stains on your clothing, there is nothing that can be done. Luckily, this is not true, and these stains can be removed from your clothing.


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How to Remove Fabric Softener Stains From Clothes

With the right guide on how to remove fabric softener stains from your clothes, you’ll be able to remove them quickly and easily. Our easy-to-follow guide on how you remove fabrics softener stains from your clothes, will give you all the information you need to know plus tips on how to prevent these stains from happening in the first place.

Why do Fabric Softener Stains Occur on Clothes?

Even though fabric softener stains are common, it doesn’t make them any less annoying. The main reason as to what causes fabric softener stains is a build-up of fabric softener on the clothing. This is a result of a few reasons:

  • When too much fabric softener is used in the washing machine or when hand washing

  • If the fabric softener is not diluted enough and is too concentrated

  • When using a poor-quality product that contains a high level of chemicals that can damage the fibres of the fabric.

Tips for Preventing Fabric Softener Stains on Clothes

If you follow these tips on how to prevent fabric softener stains on clothes, you should be able to eliminate these stains from occurring on your clothing and fabrics.

#1 - Follow The Instructions on The Back of Your Fabric Softener

The usage instructions on the packaging of your favourite fabric softener are there for a very important reason. It gives you the exact measurements of how much product to use and when. If you don’t follow the usage instructions, you run the risk of using too much fabric conditioner which can leave unsightly stains.

#2 - Consider Diluting Your Fabric Softener

If you’re using a concentrated fabric softener or mixing your own softener from a refill packet and you feel that it is causing your clothing to stain, consider watering it down slightly. By diluting the strength of the fabric softener, you can lessen the likelihood of stains occurring.

#3 - Don't Pour it Directly Onto Your Clothes

Never pour fabric conditioner directly onto clothing. You are pretty much guaranteed that a stain will occur if you do this. Always make sure you add the product into the right tray in your washing machine dispenser or dilute it in water first when hand washing.

#4 - Use White Vinegar as a Natural Fabric Softener

If you’ve run out of fabric conditioner or want to try a more natural approach to softening your clothing, why not try white vinegar? Vinegar acts as a natural softener for clothing. Add a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine dispenser or dilute in a bucket of water when hand washing.

How to Remove Dried Fabric Softener Stains From Clothes

Have you spilled fabric conditioner on your clothing, and it’s now dried on? Has it left a blue, or brown streak on your clothing that you think will never lift? Here’s how to get rid of dried-on fabric conditioner for good:

  • Pre-treat the stain. Add a few drops of a stain remover or you can even use dishwashing liquid or a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Rub your preferred product onto the stain and leave to soak in.

  • Hand wash the item in a bucket with your favourite hand-washing powder.

  • If the stain has not lifted, consider using fabric bleach that has been diluted to the correct strength. This only pertains to white clothing.

  • Rinse and add to a bucket of water that has Comfort Fabric Softener diluted into it and allow to soak.

  • Remove from the water and hang to dry in bright, sunlight outside.

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FAQs on Fabric Conditioner Stains

Does fabric softener stain clothes?

Over time, a build-up of fabric softener can cause stains to occur on clothing.

Can fabric softeners ruin clothes?

If you put fabric softener directly onto clothing, use too much, or use a poor-quality softener, it can leave unsightly stains.

What happens if I put too much fabric softener on my clothes?

Too much fabric softener will result in a build-up on your clothing, which can leave stains.

How do I get rid of fabric softener on wet clothing?

To get rid of fabric softener on wet clothing, you can try rewashing the clothing in plain water. Alternatively, you can add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle, which will help break down the fabric softener residue. Another option is to soak the clothing in a mixture of water and baking soda for 30 minutes before rewashing.

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