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How to get rid of carpet moths and repair the damage

Got some creepy crawlies nibbling at your carpet? Find out how to get rid of carpet moths and conceal carpet moth damage.


Moth-eaten patterned carpet

Key steps

  • Vacuum regularly to get rid of food sources for carpet moths.
  • Make a homemade moth repellent from herbs like rosemary.
  • Call in a professional if the infestation is too great.
  • For small damage, use fusible bonding web.
  • For larger damage, use a carpet scrap to replace the damaged area.

After spotting moth damage in a carpet, throwing out the whole thing is not always an appealing or feasible option for householders. Here we’ll provide guidance for how to get rid of carpet moths and make sure they're gone for good, as well as offer tips on repairing or concealing the damage which may have been made by the moths.

Carpet moth larvae need a warm environment and food source. Turn down the heating and keep on top of your carpet vacuuming and cleaning to ensure the moths stay away.

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How do carpet moths get in your house? Where they come from and how to spot them

There are few things you need to know about carpet moths:

  • Carpet moths have a strong sense of smell. They are attracted in particular to the scent of fur, silk and wool.
  • The larvae need somewhere to grow, so the moth will search out somewhere with hair, skin and food debris due to vacuuming being done poorly or infrequently.

You can spot signs of carpet moths including:

  • Holes or frayed edges to your rug or carpet
  • Adult moths congregating on your rug or carpet
  • White, web-like material in the fibres of your rug or carpet


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

How to get rid of carpet moths naturally: easy steps to remove carpet moths from your home

Getting rid of carpet moths ASAP is your first priority once you’ve spotted these signs. They can do some serious damage if you don’t get on top of the infestation.

  1. Turn down the heating. Carpet moths and their larvae like warm, humid environments.
  2. Vacuum regularly. This will remove any eggs which may be in or on your carpet, as well as clean up any hair, skin or food debris which the larvae need to survive.
  3. In addition to vacuuming, make sure you keep on top of your carpet cleaning. We have some great carpet cleaning advice here.
  4. Make a homemade moth repellent. Place dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme or lavender into a small cloth bag. Hang this bag near areas you have treated for carpet moths. Replace this every couple of months to keep the scent fresh.
  5. If all else fails, it may be time to call in pest control. They will have specialised equipment to get rid of the infestation from your home quickly and easily.

How to fix carpet moth damage

You may have stopped moths eating carpet fibres in your home, but it’s likely they already left some damage behind. Read on for some top tips to fix carpet moth damage.

  1. As moth infestations aren’t usually covered by household insurance, having a few tricks up your sleeve to deal with the damage they leave behind is important.
  2. If a moth hole is 5mm or less in diameter, you can use fusible bonding web to disguise the damage.
  3. For larger holes, you may want to use a matching carpet scrap to replace the damaged area. Steps to fix larger damaged areas are similar to those we previously shared for fixing a burnt carpet.
    • Using a utility knife, remove the damaged section of carpet taking care to avoid cutting the padding beneath.
    • Cut the carpet scrap to size, using the removed piece as a pattern. Don’t forget to line up any patterns to match the piece you are replacing.
    • Stick some carpet tape to the padding in the area you are replacing.
    • Line up your carpet scrap and press firmly in place.
  4. If you have been unsuccessful in repairing the carpet moth damage yourself, consider asking a professional for help. As a final option, it may be time to replace the rug or carpet.

If you have other types of moth in your house and are worried about getting rid of them, fret not! We have a couple of articles to help including how to get rid of pantry moths and how to get rid of clothes moths.

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