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How to remove paint from carpet

Here you will find tips for how to remove dried paint from carpet fibres.


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Everybody loves to do a bit of arts and crafts or re-decorating every now and again, and whether it is you getting a bit of art therapy or your children have had an art attack, sometimes a little reminder in the form of paint stains on carpets is left behind. This article will give you tips and hacks for when you find yourself asking the question, “how do you get paint out of carpet?”

Learning how to get paint out of carpet and doing it doesn’t take much time, but prevention is even better. Always cover carpets with sturdy material when you’re decorating.

How do you know that the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom have been disinfected?

How to get wet paint out of carpet fibres

If you notice the paint on your carpet straight away, you will be able to get started cleaning it to avoid too much of a stain setting in. The steps for how to remove paint from carpet fibres are easy to follow.

  1. Using a paper towel, soak up as much of the paint as you can.
  2. Always remember to blot the area and not rub it, as this will only make things worse by pushing the paint further into the carpet.
  3. Spray any remaining paint with a warm water and white vinegar mixture, dabbing at the stain with a clean cloth until the stain has lifted.
  4. Use clean, plain water to clean of any remaining residue and allow the carpet to dry.
  5. Vacuum the area to check that all small paint flakes have been lifted from your carpet.


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How to get dried paint out of carpet fibres  

  1. If you don’t notice paint on your carpet until it has already dried, these are the steps will help you learn how to remove dried paint from carpet fibres.
  2. Using a blunt knife, gently scrape up as much of the dried paint as you can.
  3. Vacuum up all the dried paint flakes.
  4. Add one cup of hot water to one teaspoon of washing up liquid to create a cleaning solution.
  5. Using a stiff brush, scrub the cleaning solution into the area where the dried paint was until the stain is gone.
  6. Rinse the area off using a sponge and clean, plain water.
  7. Allow the carpet to dry.

Now you have all the steps you need for understanding how to get paint off carpet fibres, you can go ahead and do as much arts and crafts as you like without worrying about the mess it might leave behind.

  • Test your chosen cleaning method on an unseen bit of carpet first to prevent damage.
  • Be careful to blot and not rub at any stains to prevent them being pushed deeper into          the fibres.
  • Always thoroughly rinse all traces of cleaning products from your carpets after cleaning.
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