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The Science Behind Comfort's Pro Fibre Technology

After multiple washes over time, clothes tend to lose their colour and shape. Comfort offers a range of fabric conditioners that can prevent this kind of damage to clothing.


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Comfort's Pro Fibre Technology

Over time, clothes can lose their shape and colour after washing. They can be left feeling rough and uncomfortable, especially if you’re not using the right kind of fabric conditioner.

Thankfully for all of us, Comfort offers a range of fabric conditioners that can prevent this kind of damage to clothing. This well-known brand uses Pro-Fibre Technology which works to protect your laundry from damage while keeping clothing looking and feeling great. We’re talking colour maintenance, softer, fresher clothes wash after wash.

Let’s learn more about Comfort's Pro-Fibre Technology, how to avoid shrinking clothes, and colour care, simply by using Comfort.

What is Comfort’s Pro-Fibre Technology?

Comfort goes beyond normal fabric conditioners to protect your clothing on many different levels. Pro-Fibre Technology in Comfort products offer a range of benefits to your clothing. Here’s why using Comfort with Pro-Fibre Technology can protect your fabrics from being damaged:

Protects Clothing Colour

Pro-Fibre Technology in Comfort fabric conditioners, works to keep the vibrancy and colours of your bright and dark clothing. You will be able to keep your colours and darks bright and vivid without fading.

Keeps Clothing Shape

Say goodbye to stretched fabrics and avoid clothes shrinking when you use Comfort fabric softeners. Pro-Fibre Technology forms a protective, flexible network around the fibres of your clothes preventing clothes from shrinking or stretching out of shape.

Protects Clothing from Fibres Out

Prevent bobbling and fuzzing on delicate fabrics like wool and silk, by using Comfort with Pro-Fibre Technology. Again, by forming a protective layer around the fibres of these types of fabrics, Comfort prevents clothing from looking damaged, thin and threadbare.

How Can Comfort Prevent Clothes From Shrinking?

Keen to know more about how to take care of your clothes? If you have out-of-shape clothing or fabric that has stretched from washing, all you simply need to do is get yourself a bottle of Comfort fabric conditioner – in any fragrance you like. Start using one capful of Comfort fabric conditioner in your washing machine to start seeing the results

Which Comfort Products Offer Pro-Fibre Technology?

Comfort offers Pro-Fibre Technology to help care for your clothing and release bursts of endless fragrance for weeks after washing. Choose your favourite fragrance today.

The Comfort Core range includes:

The Comfort Perfume Deluxe range includes:

  • Comfort Lily

  • Comfort Divine Petals

  • Comfort Heavenly Nectar

Want to know more about what Comfort has to offer in its wide range of products? Read our blog on Comfort Fabric Conditioner for clothing care now.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Comfort's Pro Fibre Technology

How to Prevent Clothes from Shrinking?

If you use Comfort fabric conditioner in your washing machine when washing your clothing, you can prevent them from shrinking thanks to the Pro-Fibre Technology in the fabric conditioner.

How to Prevent Cotton from Shrinking?

Comfort’s Pro-Fibre Technology can prevent cotton from shrinking as well as a wide range of other fabrics too. It can prevent stretching and bobbling on fabrics like wool too.

How to Prevent Shirts from Shrinking?

Keep your favourite shirts in pristine condition, in shape and vibrant in colour with Comfort’s Pro-Fibre Technology.

How to Wash Clothes to Prevent Shrinking?

Wash your clothing in a washing machine with a good quality laundry detergent and use Comfort fabric conditioner too.

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