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Introducing Comfort Morning Fresh

Morning Fresh is one of the signature scents from the relaunched Comfort fabric conditioner range.


Comfort Morning Fresh Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Comfort Morning Fresh fabric conditioner emits the scent of the secret nectar of the Morning Fresh flower which is found deep in tropical fields.

When you use Morning Fresh fabric conditioner, you’ll have bursts of endless fragrance* surrounding you all day.

Not only does Comfort Morning Fresh offer a signature scent of divine fragrance, but it is also manufactured using cutting-edge technology that makes it last longer on your clothes.

Here’s more about why you should choose Comfort Morning Fresh fabric conditioner to use in your home:

The Comfort Morning Fresh fragrance

When you open a bottle of Comfort fabric conditioner Morning Fresh, you’re not just opening a fabric softener. You’re opening up your life to new moments and experiences because every moment is a blank page for new possibilities in your life.

The Morning Fresh story is one of rarity and vibrance. Morning Fresh is hand-picked, and the secret scent comes from the nectar of the flower that is emitted every time it is picked.

Apart from long-lasting bursts of fragrance all day long, Comfort fabric conditioners offer many other benefits too;

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  • Comfort Morning Fresh ensures your clothing is cared for and comes out of the wash as soft as can be. This fabric conditioner range promises clothing that does not wrinkle, is easier to iron, and has less static.

  • Out of every bottle of Comfort Morning Fresh, you’ll be able to get 20 washes, which means more washes for less product thanks to its concentration.

How to use Comfort Morning Fresh Concentrated Fabric Softener?

Use a cap full of Morning Fresh fabric conditioner with every wash and you’re guaranteed to enjoy clothing that is softer, less static, easier to iron, and filled with bursts of fragrance that you’ll be able to smell all day long.

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Comfort‘s Core Range of Fabrics Conditioners

Comfort’s Core range of fabric conditioners consists not only of the delightful Morning Fresh fragrance option, but also includes;

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* Encapsulated technology provides significantly longer lasting fragrance vs standard fragrance

Frequently Asked Questions on Comfort Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner.

What is Comfort Morning Fresh?

Comfort Morning Fresh is one of the signature scents offered in the Comfort Core fabric conditioner range. When you use Morning Fresh with every wash, you’ll not only get long-lasting fragrance but softer clothing which has less static and is easier to iron.

What does Comfort Morning Fresh Smell Like?

Morning Fresh fabric conditioner offers you a burst of fragrance from the nectar of the secret Morning Fresh flower found in ancient tropical forests.

How Long Does the Comfort Morning Fresh Scent Last?

Morning Fresh provides bursts of fragrance that can last for days after washing.

Is Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner Safe for all Fabrics?

It is safe to use fabric conditioners from Comfort on all clothing unless otherwise indicated on their clothing care labels.

Where Can I Purchase Comfort Morning Fresh Concentrated Fabric Softener?

You can buy the 800ml bottle of Comfort Morning Fresh, which guarantees you 20 washes, from your favourite retailer nationwide now.

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